Thursday, April 29, 2010

to the nines by janet evanovich

Stephanie Plum is back yet again for a fast paced bounty hunter adventure.
This time she is after a guy who has a visa bond because he is a foreigner. Samuel Singh is from India and had jumped bail. so it is now Stephanie's job to bring hum back or her boss has to forfeit the money to the court and that would not put her in a favorable position.
Samuel was renting a room from another indian family and the mother wanted him and the daughter to get married. He did not like the idea of that so he took off with their job and for reasons of his own.
She questioned the other employees  from his job and came up with a guy named Howie who worked at McDonald's. She was able to track him down on his lunch break but unfortunately wasn't able to get much out of him on account of the fact that he got shot after their minimal conversation right there on the side walk.
After this she started to receive anonymous letters with red roses or white carnations. this was starting to freak her out. The killer even started sending her messages through email as well. She some how got caught up in something but was unable to pinpoint where it happened?
Samuel was finally located and she had to retrieve him from Vegas on account of Ranger was currently having problems with the state of Nevada in regards to firearms. Samuel was dumb enough to use Tribro, his previous employer on a job application in nevada. the boss tried to stall him but unfortuanely she wa sunable to locate him before he died. he had also taken Boo the indian family's dog so she returned him to the owners and took singh's laptop.
Turned out all the deaths were a result of a game. but who was behind it?
all the players were informed beforehand that it was a fight to the death and got clues for who they were suppose to go after. Singh was knocked off because he backed down after starting and that results in immediate assassination as per game rules.
All the other players were dead except her and the web master..
who was the logical solution? all the evidence pointed back to Tribro where Samuel had worked. Three brothers ran it. Bart who was all business, Andrew who was the people person family man and Clyde, who basically sat at the computer all day and played with his action figures and read comics...which of them is the likely suspect?
could she figure who it was before it was too late?  would ranger and joe come to save her?

or would she be living in a shallow grave for all eternity?