Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beyond the highland mist by karen marie moning

the first in the highlander series by Karen Marie Moning. i had previously read the immortal highlander but i wish i had read this first because it explains a lot of the tension and reluctance to help between Adam and hawk.
In this one the story starts off with the faery queen speaking of a man who is renowned form his sexual exploits and all the women covet his love and attention. Many have graced his bed but none have been able to touch his heart. This makes the faery king and the people of the court jealous of a mere mortal. How could a man compare with the powers of the faery?
The Faery king sends his beloved fool through time to find the perfect woman, one who would surely turn down the renowned hawk. The fool is know by many names, the black elf, the fairy fool, or -the sin siriche du- the most dangerous of all faeries for no trickery was too good for him.

In this time he was known as Adam black and posed as a blacksmith in the medieval time bringing forth Adrienne De Simone from the twentieth century. He had watched the centuries searching for the perfect woman, someone who would truly despise hawk and all he represented.

Adrienne was originally from New Orleans but had been an orphan from a young age , growing up in an orphanage surrounded by others and craving affection. she was young and naive and got the attention of a rich and beautiful man who soon wanted to marry her. She was too naive to believe that he would have anything but the best of attentions where she was concerned. soon she found out she was just a pawn in his game for he was involved in organized crime and was setting her up to take the fall. from now on she distrusted men as a whole and especially despised the wealthy and beautiful .

She was perfect having been scorned by a beautiful man before and she would never again trust in a beautiful face. She was dropped into the 15th century at an importune time for hawk was to be wed to the infamous mad Janet comyn and she was now dead but laird comyn passed her off as his own and she was wed by proxy to lord hawk of dalkeith. This was not a love match but an order imposed upon the laird of dalkeith  by king James or otherwise his whole clan would be laughter at the hands of the kings many men. 

Hawk was shocked by the beauty she possess and  made it his mission to seduce her. Her heart slowly but surely warmed to him against her best attempts to deter it  . He was nothing like he previous husband but had a warm and kind heart , he would never due her any harm. This was the age of chivalry not of gangs and drugs and organized crime.

Adam tried to per sway her to become his instead of the lairds but her attraction to the laird was nothing compared to that of the smithy. She eventually had to choose adam though or he vowed to kill hawk and all of the clan...it was the heardest thing for her to lie to hawk's face and vow she loved adam and not him...

Could she truly convince hawk that it was a ploy and send him a message to help her find her way back?