Friday, February 25, 2011

Too Good to be True by Kristan Higgins

This has to be one of my favorites by her although I always find myself having a hard time picking one.

Grace Emerson was once engaged to an estate lawyer whom she thought the world of. She loved him with all her heart but he obviously did not love her as much as she loved him . He fell madly in love with her her sister sister, Natalie. She thought something was off but he then waited until 3 weeks before the wedding before calling it off.

She was tired of everyone feeling bad for her and to prevent Natalie from breaking up with her ex she made of a boyfriend that made Andrew look mediocre. A handsome young pediatric surgeon who was immensely dedicated to his work.

No one could ever meet him of course because he was fictional but just having the imaginary man made her feel better about her self. Her best friends Julian , who was gay and gorgeous was also looking for Mr right  after being burned several years back.

Callahan "Cal"O'Shea is the man next door she mistakes for a burglar when he is seen snooping around a neighboring property late at night. She is worried so she calls the cops on the suspicious activity. He goes to her door to try to see if she possibly has a key and gets whacked in the head with her field hockey stick. He then is forced to spend the night in jail in order to verify his statement, which is the last place he wants to be after being recently released from prison himself.

He did 19 months in a minimum security facility where he plead guilty to embezzlement of 1.6 million dollars. He chose not to go to trial due to all the evidence against him although he held no part in it. His brother set him up and he tried to fix it without turning in his brother and said brother then testified against him.

Grace felt her growing attraction towards the ex-convict . She was unsure of what to do about him. She taught at a prestigious private school where they would most likely frown upon her dating an ex-criminal. Her parents are somewhat snobs so they also would be looking down their noses at him. Her sister is a criminal defense lawyer so she is going to want to look into his past and her ex is just a nosy sob.

She starts to date cal and everything is going great until she mentions that the ex boyfriend was in fact a made up boyfriend.she has been lying to him and her family the whole time with the exception of Margaret who knew due to prior experience with the fictional boyfriends. Cal breaks up with her due to her lying and he still believes she has feelings for her ex and does not want to be the rebound relationship.

When they breakup she is heartbroken. she hopes he returns to her in time. she does not want to be with anyone else. he was the one for her and when you find the one you just  KNOW.

Can Cal forgive her and make both their dreams come true?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Falling for the Lone Wolf by Crystal Green

Jenny Hunter is used to living her life the way she wants it on her own terms. She is a high powered associate at a prestigious marketing firm . With the way career was rising she chose but love on hold for time being, there had not been anyone who was able to catch her interest anyway, so why bother with a relationship that was going nowhere. The only interest she had shown was the with the handsome laundromat loner- Liam McCree.
They both had a little flirtatious banter going on, the suble looks and hints. Jenny had always liked Liam but never thought there would be something more. 
Liam has always held a candle for Jenny since the day they ment. He could have set up his computer anywhere, so why in a laundromat instead of renting office space? Little did Jenny know that the reason for it was her. Liam had taken one look at her and fallen instantly. 
They might not have been good friends yet but he felt there was promise for something more.
Lately, Liam had noticed a change in her. She wasn't her high-spirited self and wasn't joking around as much. then most recently she had traded in her high class trendy formfitting outfits for loose button downs and slacks. Her hair was the perfection it usually was, there was clearly something wrong. 
Jenny had learned recently at a mammogram that there was a lump in her breast and a biopsy was needed. She was in constant fear of what would happen. Would they taken away her breast? She did not want to lose her femininity, who would love her then?
Liam was the only one who could truly understand what she was going through. In college he was in an accident that resulted in him not being able to run anymore, and he loved to run. He ahred with her the pain and aftereffects of the accidents. The rejection he had experienced from his last girlfriend at the marks that were left behind. 
Would Jenny be able to accept him for the man he was, scars and all?
Would Liam be able to let go of the past and trust the future?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Just One of the Guys by Kristan Higgins

Another Great one by Higgins . 4 1/2 stars

Chasity O'Neill just moved back to her home town after accepting a job as editor for the local paper. She was never really successful at dating, what with her almost 6 foot frame and at times being stronger than some of the guys. She loves the Yankees and can hang with the best of them, which is apparently her problem. She ends up meeting  Ryan Darling officially when she goes to his class on womens safety. She had previously seen him at Emo's and dubbed him Mr. New York Times based on his looks. 
They start dating and things get serious pretty quickly, they just have one problem. He doesn't compare to TREVOR JAMES MEADE , her first love and honorary brother. She has loved him since she was ten and brought him home for dinner after his sister Michelle, who was a school friends(well almost, she died before they had the chance.)
They had a thing in college for a few days, and they were the best days of her life. They ended up going there separate ways 72 hours after it started when they thought it might be better to just be friends. She hasn't had the same chemistry with anyone the way she had with him. With Ryan it is perfectly nice and good but it was explosive unless they were having angry post-argument makeup sex. 
Should settle for Ryan or stay alone and be forever pining for the man she wants but cant have?

Trevor  seems to have always shared her affections. He is always the first to defend her to the brothers,( jack, matt, lucky, and mark). He complements her and tells her when the men she dates aren't good enough for her and picks her up when she feels bad. but can he get past the fact that he does not want to have the chance of losing her. Better for him to have her as an honorary sister and best buddy then to lose her forever. He was once engaged to hayden, which was then broken off, maybe because he did not want anyone but Chastity either.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

the sheik and the virgin secretary by susan mallery

Another great Sheik book from the desert rogue line by susan mallery!

Kiley is wounded when she finds out that her groom to be has been less than faithful to her. He did not just cheat once but has been repeatedly throughout there relationship with almost his entire law class, the neighbors and had the audacity to proposition her friends as well. 
 Not to mention she does not find out until the night before the wedding is suppose to take place. The wedding is called off and she returns to work.
Wanting revenge she decides to have an affair with no other than her boss, Prince Rafiq. He is charming, and incredibly and ever girls dream. He has stipulations in the affair, for it to be three months in length and they both are to enjoy the fruits of their agreement. She will attend events with him and vice versa as well as mutual pleasure.
Unknown to Rafiq when he enters the bargain she is innocent and he must take his time with her unlike his others mistresses. He grows to care for her after an amount of time and wants to do things to please her but he finds him self unable to love or that is what he thinks due to his upbringing and the lack of it in his life. He parents were never an example to go by as they were both young when they had him and went their separate ways. Can Kiley show him what love is all about and get him to trust their love is real?

lack of time

I havent had the time lately to write a review for every book that i have read lately so here is the list of the books i have read.

 in love with the bronc rider by judy duarte
 dangerous curves by pamela britton
 the man she once knew by jean brashear
 dad in trainingby gail gaymer martin
 to wed a sheik by t. southwick
 kidknapped by the cowboy by pam crooks
 taming eliza jane by shannon stacey
annie gets her guy by lori foster
 messing around with max by lori foster
 woodland fantasy
 island heart by sarah mayber
 the darkest whisper by gena showalter
 her best christmas ever by judy duarte
 the sheik and the virgin secretary by susan mallery

 falling for the lone wolf by crystal green

Dragon Warrior by janet chapman

Whenever Janet Chapman's books come out I can honestly say that I am never disappointed and the wait was worth it. Although I do wish there were more of them. I love how all her stories are connected. 

I had previously read the first book in this series MOONLIGHT WARRIOR
which tell's the story of Kenzie and Eve the friends of the two lead characters in DRAGON WARRIOR. I loved that books and was so upset that I had to wait almost a year for the next one. Thankfully the final book to this series comes out in a few months instead of almost a year.

Dragon Warrior tells the story of William Kilkenny a ninth-century warrior that was turned into a dragon after he had come home to find all his animals and family slaughtered. Her pursued the witch he found on his land with the impression that she could have prevented it from happening. She then cursed him to be a dragon. William had vengeance in his blood and showed it during the coming years until he found a sign to lead him to Kenzie and release him of his dragon form.  Kenzie did his best to help him but it was ultimately kenzie's finace's mother , Mable that was able to help him see a way to break the curse.(the breaking of the curse is from the first book, MOONLIGHT WARRIOR.) . He still sees him as the ugly dragon he was for the last six years and does not think that he is worthy of love or is able to return it once it has been given. 

He has been pursuing Madeline Kimble since the day he turned back into a man. She was reluctant to be near him at first and would run in the other direction if she saw him coming .  Kenzie convinced him to get a more civilized appearance instead of the long hair and beard that made him appear like a caveman. Since then she has been all for it.

She gave up her dream to be a NICU nurse when her father died and she got her nursing degree and took a job at the local home in town. she loves her job there but she always feels as if everyone else needs her attention from her mother to her brother to her daughter. She had a failed marriage at a young age and a young child to take care of. Can she get through her troubles and help William see who he really is?