Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dragon Warrior by janet chapman

Whenever Janet Chapman's books come out I can honestly say that I am never disappointed and the wait was worth it. Although I do wish there were more of them. I love how all her stories are connected. 

I had previously read the first book in this series MOONLIGHT WARRIOR
which tell's the story of Kenzie and Eve the friends of the two lead characters in DRAGON WARRIOR. I loved that books and was so upset that I had to wait almost a year for the next one. Thankfully the final book to this series comes out in a few months instead of almost a year.

Dragon Warrior tells the story of William Kilkenny a ninth-century warrior that was turned into a dragon after he had come home to find all his animals and family slaughtered. Her pursued the witch he found on his land with the impression that she could have prevented it from happening. She then cursed him to be a dragon. William had vengeance in his blood and showed it during the coming years until he found a sign to lead him to Kenzie and release him of his dragon form.  Kenzie did his best to help him but it was ultimately kenzie's finace's mother , Mable that was able to help him see a way to break the curse.(the breaking of the curse is from the first book, MOONLIGHT WARRIOR.) . He still sees him as the ugly dragon he was for the last six years and does not think that he is worthy of love or is able to return it once it has been given. 

He has been pursuing Madeline Kimble since the day he turned back into a man. She was reluctant to be near him at first and would run in the other direction if she saw him coming .  Kenzie convinced him to get a more civilized appearance instead of the long hair and beard that made him appear like a caveman. Since then she has been all for it.

She gave up her dream to be a NICU nurse when her father died and she got her nursing degree and took a job at the local home in town. she loves her job there but she always feels as if everyone else needs her attention from her mother to her brother to her daughter. She had a failed marriage at a young age and a young child to take care of. Can she get through her troubles and help William see who he really is?