Monday, February 21, 2011

Just One of the Guys by Kristan Higgins

Another Great one by Higgins . 4 1/2 stars

Chasity O'Neill just moved back to her home town after accepting a job as editor for the local paper. She was never really successful at dating, what with her almost 6 foot frame and at times being stronger than some of the guys. She loves the Yankees and can hang with the best of them, which is apparently her problem. She ends up meeting  Ryan Darling officially when she goes to his class on womens safety. She had previously seen him at Emo's and dubbed him Mr. New York Times based on his looks. 
They start dating and things get serious pretty quickly, they just have one problem. He doesn't compare to TREVOR JAMES MEADE , her first love and honorary brother. She has loved him since she was ten and brought him home for dinner after his sister Michelle, who was a school friends(well almost, she died before they had the chance.)
They had a thing in college for a few days, and they were the best days of her life. They ended up going there separate ways 72 hours after it started when they thought it might be better to just be friends. She hasn't had the same chemistry with anyone the way she had with him. With Ryan it is perfectly nice and good but it was explosive unless they were having angry post-argument makeup sex. 
Should settle for Ryan or stay alone and be forever pining for the man she wants but cant have?

Trevor  seems to have always shared her affections. He is always the first to defend her to the brothers,( jack, matt, lucky, and mark). He complements her and tells her when the men she dates aren't good enough for her and picks her up when she feels bad. but can he get past the fact that he does not want to have the chance of losing her. Better for him to have her as an honorary sister and best buddy then to lose her forever. He was once engaged to hayden, which was then broken off, maybe because he did not want anyone but Chastity either.