Friday, February 5, 2010

Snowbound by janice kay johnson

i have read one other title by this author, first comes baby, and fell in love with her stories. Ms Mac and her group of teenagers are returning from an academic bowl and attempt to take a short cut on the way home. unfortunately the road is closed during the winter so it doesn't get plowed often. they get stuck in a blizzard and happen upon a lodge where on of her students had previously stayed. The lodge is run by ex-military man John fallon who was discharged due to an injury suffered from a suicide bombing in iraq. Armed with a brood of teenages they stay at the lodge with john for an extended weekend. Ms Mac is able to reach the principal to let him know they are all right but reception that far into the casacde mountains are few and far between. Ms Fiona Macphearson had an instant atteaction to the man known as John Fallon, with his rugged good looks and battlewear gaving him a hardedge , who can resist? He feelings aren't onsided. John felt the instant pull the moment he opened the door to this snowbunny. The students and herself stay with john sharing the duties of kitchen and cleanup. She leaves john with attraction simmering between them to return during the holidays at his invitation. He proposes marriage and she declines due to until he can open up to her they would never be whole. john feels rejected and suffers more nighmares and flashbacks as a sign of stress. His sister liz finally convinces him to see a thearpist to work through his issues so he can make his life with fiona. Until he is able to start to break through that wall there is no future for them. After seeing the shrink and not speaking to fiona for several months with contact through here students which they initiated he learns of her attempt at dating and learns he cant live without her in his life. He shows up on her doorstep confessing the overwhelming gulit that he had hidden within himself. together they stay until with fiona taking a leave of absence until he can work through his issues and a marriage at the lodge with friends and family where they first met