Friday, October 16, 2009

moonlight warrior by janet chapman

kenzie gregor moves to midnight bay to save the spirits of those transformed by an evil witch back in the 9th century. Chosing the isolated farm being sold by alvin due to he is bringing with him a dragon liek creature who was once a man and has been cursed by a wich when he asked her to move off his land because she was scaring the villagers. he himself had previosuly been many animals due to similar circumstances and has now allwoed to spend his last life to be lived and die as a man. kenzie bought the farm where eve lives unknown to him he didnt know it was the same farm and her mothers brother in law had sold it out from under them giving them only 5 days to move out. But kenzie being who he is allows them to reside and they become his house keepers as well as run their failing business in town. Eve and Kenzie fall in love with no help from the black magic that follows them due to the witch who had cast the spell and doesnt take kindly to kenzie helping william killkenny.......
couldnt put it down and now cant wait for book 2, william killkenny's story. my guess is him and her best friend maddy will get together based on what happened in this book

Friday, October 2, 2009

" the last song" by nicholas sparks

i am a definite sparks fan and have been since first reading a walk to remember in high school 8 years ago.have read all his books up to date except for three weeks with my brother, which i do own by the way.
"the last song" by Nicholas sparks
This book tell the story of veronica "Ronnie" and the events that happen during her summer in Wilmington Beach, NC. Ronnie currently lives with her mother in new york and is going through a rebellious stage as most teenagers do. her parents had gone though a divorce after her father quit his job from teaching at Julliard and became a traveling concert pianist, one of his dreams that he did not realize at the time would affect his family deeply, resulting in the breakup of the marriage. he left Julliard after the death of his father and had some issues he needed to work though. Since the breakup of the marriage she has not talked or written to her father, and refused all invitations to see him because she blamed him for the divorce. she later learns that her mother was the one who had an affair which caused the end of the relationship. she spends the summer with her father against her wishes not to, allow with her younger brother Jonah. There she meets Will Blakelee, a boy who is the total opposite of everything she is. Will plays volleyball with his best friend Scott and hangs with the "cool kids" . She meets him when he topples her going after the volleyball spilling her soda all over her. This is where she meets "blaze" Galadriel. a girl who is much like her in appearance. the all black clothing and hair. Blaze hangs out with the wrong type of people,especially Marcus which she senses is bad news. She spends most of her summer with will and forms a new bond with her father. She then later realizes he is dying of stomach cancer and past the stages of treatment. At the end of the summer when her mother comes back for Jonah she refuses to return to new york and instead stays to take care of her father until he later passes.

This is a story of compassion, forgiveness , and first love. another winner by Nicholas Sparks