Wednesday, June 16, 2010

tbr pile challenge

i have an immense list for my tbr pile
their small-town love by Arlene James
deadly deceptions by Linda lael miller
every kind of heaven by Jillian hart
just friends? by Allison Leigh
outback baby by Lillian Darcy
princess in disguise by Lillian Darcy
the runaway and the cattleman by Lillian Darcy
his small-town girl by arlene james
sea gypsy by fern michaels
44 cranberry point by debbie macomber
50 harbor street by debbie macomber

dark lover by jr ward  - read it
hot rocks by nora roberts
baby steps by karen templeton
trust a hero by muriel jensen
maybe baby by elaine fox
lucy gets her life back by stef ann holm
fools rush in by kristan higgins
remember me ? by sophie kinsella
crusade by robyn young
mommywood by tori spelling

Friday, June 11, 2010

ricochet by sandra brown

loved this book. great thriller. society wife shoots a man in self dense but the cops look more into the incident because it is not as it seems. they thought it was a break in but it was suppose to be a hit unfortunately for the hit man her died before he could kill his target. The  wife is not as she seems. on the outside they portray the happy couple but they both had motives for the marriage. she needed to find evidence to convict the man she married. what better way then to keep him close and he married because he knew she wanted something from him but why not have a beautiful wife to keep his bed warm in the meantime. The judge and Savich killed her brother and she will not rest until the only person who loved her has justice.