Thursday, January 27, 2011

NightShade by Andrea Cremer

I loved this book. i dont typically read YA fiction but i loved this story and cant wait for the next one. Im torn over who i want Calla to end up with though. Ren who seems to love her but I am not sure or Shay who has always shown it but am not sure if things will work out for them in the end. 
Call is the alpha wolf for her pack the nightshades. Their Rival pack is called the Banes and their Alpha is Renier . For as long as they can remember they have been told that the two Alphas, Calla and Renier , will join in union to create a new pack and guard one of the sacred sites from the searchers. The wolves as shape shifters called Guardians and they are the loyal warriors to the keepers who are all powerful. They defend them against the searchers who are their rivals. They have always told the searchers are bad and want to take over the sites so they can control the earth and everyone would be their slaves. It is the guardians duty to guard the sites so this does not happen for if it does the world as they new it would end. They are forbidden to read Hobbes because it is a bunch of lies created by the searchers to influence the minds of the guardians so they will rebel against the keepers and switch sides. But in all the years who is really telling the truth? Are the searchers really evil as the Keepers portray them to be or are they innocent and all this and just fight for what they believe in?
Shay is the boy who Calla saved from a bear attack in area that was forbidden. The keepers don't value the lives of humans and if they knew she had saved him she would have been severely punished. If Calla had not saved him he would of died though and she couldn't live with that . She gave him her blood to drink to heal him after she fought off the bear . She knocked him out once he was beginning to mend and carried him back to his truck in hopes that he would figure it was all a dream and he had never even made it out of the back of his truck .
Unfortunately that wasn't the case when he showed up as a new student in school a week later. He recognized her immediately and tried to talk to her but she avoided him at first hoping that no one besides Bryn, her beta who was also there knew the truth about what had happened on the mountain. She had an instant attraction to him and was having a hard time fighting it . She wasn't allowed to be with anyone , she had to be pure at the union and wasn't allowed to see anyone else . The Bane alphas were though because it was in their nature to hunt but if they are both Alphas why is it ok for him to pursue the hunt and not her?
Her passion for Shay is so much different then the way she feels for Ren. Which Shay its a slow smoldering feeling that enflames her. Then with Ren its hot and fast and takes over her whole being to a point she can not control it .
The keepers want them to protect Shay , his uncle is a keeper and his parents died when he was young. It is odd for them to guard a human but Shay is more than anyone ever thought. He has a tattoo on the back of his neck that he is unaware of but it is protected from his sight so he can not see it. The same image is found in one of the forbidden books kept by the keepers. What is shay really?
Calla protects him as told by the keepers but the more time she spends with home the more struggles within her self for who she can be with.She belongs to Ren , the bane alpha and no one else can tough her. Who will ultimately win. Does Ren truly care for her or does he only care because she was given to him?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Undeniably Yours by Shannon Stacey

Kevin Kowalski  is from a large family with plenty of people to pass around the love and hardships one might encounter. He is the reason big brother Joe quit is drinking. Originally Kevin worked in the police department and was married . He was also getting the shitty shifts and crappy cases.  One day he stops home to pick up paperwork for a case that he had forgotten and finds his chief fucking his wife. He beats the shit out of him and there was no press on him because his chief was married to some big wig. He leaves the precinct to buy a sports bar in New Hampshire where he enjoys what he does. Here is where he meets the girl of his dreams. He is sick of all the napkins with the suggestions ans phone numbers. He wants a real relationship with someone he can build a home with. He meets Beth Hansen when he breaks her boss's nose by accident when he swings at him and he ends up breaking his nose on the end of the bar. He gets he fired and she walks out.

Beth Hansen is the only child of parents who had several miscarriages and as a result has been smothered her whole life. So she is what one might call a nomad, constantly moving from place to place with little more than the suitcase she brought with her. She finds work to pay her bills and a cheap place to rent for the time she is there, then she is off to the next place the triggers her fancy. She runs into Kevin again when she has to run as bartender at his brothers' wedding which is open bar.Out of all the places for him to be , it had to be this wedding. She turned him down all through out the night and his brother even offered to pay her boss to let her have a dance with Kevin. which was turned down yet again. They end up meeting after the wedding outside by accident and she can no longer fight the attraction to him. what is one night anyways?

She doe not see him for almost a month after the wedding when she learns that even though they used protection she is definitely pregnant. so much for her plans to move on. now she is stuck here in New Hampshire with a man she does not know and is now going to have a child with.

Can she trust him with her heart? Will he be able to convince her that a relationship with him would work and she does not need to be afraid of being hurt?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Exclusively Yours by shannon stacey

Keri Daniels moved away from the small town where she grew up and the love of her life. He had everything that he wanted but she had dreams that were bigger than the small town in New Hampshire. After leaving everything behind her to pursue her career goals in California she is finally going to get to place she has worked to be . There is only one problem , her boss wants her to interview her high school sweetheart who does not give interviews EVER.

Joesph Kowalski loved Keri with all his heart and was seriously crushed when she left. he wrote three best sellers while in a drunken stupor and was on his way to a fourth before going sober and having to learn how to write sober. He thought they were going to have the happy ever after but Keri had other ideas so he used her as the muse for his books to help him get past the pain. Now Keri is back in town to get an interview and he wants nothing more to see her and possibly rekindle what  they once had.

Keri used to be best friends with Joe's twin sister Terry but they grew apart in high school and she holds a grudge against Keri for leaving joe and breaking him to pieces with her departure.
Now the Kowalski clan has grown and Keri has to go on their annual camping trip if she wants her questions answered within the parameters set by Joe.  For everyday she lasts with the family she can ask one question and Joe can ask one in return. Will she be able to get her story? or will she lose or story and possibly Joe for the second time in 2 decades?

one silent night by sherrilyn kenyon

i just finished reading one silent night which is strykers book. he always comes off as such a jerk in the other books but it was nice to finally see a softer side to him and why he is the way he is. he was always trying to please his father and nothing he ever did was good enough. the one thing that gave him joy in his life he was forced to leave in order to protect. So if he is bitter and an ass he has every right to be. He was cursed at a young age by his own father who did not give a crap about anyone but him self and making an example out of everyone. The race he created he cursed due to the murder of his mistress and child who he couldn't give a damn about . Then his enemys own mother is the one who taught him how to survive. At the cost of killing humans and taking there souls, hasn't he had to pay for enough years already. oh and Artemis, his aunt is the one who created the dark hunters to keep them from prolonging their lives which they had no control over sends his ex-wife to try and kill him and he learns he has a daughter......not my favorite book but loved seeing his softer i hate Artemis.