Wednesday, January 19, 2011

one silent night by sherrilyn kenyon

i just finished reading one silent night which is strykers book. he always comes off as such a jerk in the other books but it was nice to finally see a softer side to him and why he is the way he is. he was always trying to please his father and nothing he ever did was good enough. the one thing that gave him joy in his life he was forced to leave in order to protect. So if he is bitter and an ass he has every right to be. He was cursed at a young age by his own father who did not give a crap about anyone but him self and making an example out of everyone. The race he created he cursed due to the murder of his mistress and child who he couldn't give a damn about . Then his enemys own mother is the one who taught him how to survive. At the cost of killing humans and taking there souls, hasn't he had to pay for enough years already. oh and Artemis, his aunt is the one who created the dark hunters to keep them from prolonging their lives which they had no control over sends his ex-wife to try and kill him and he learns he has a daughter......not my favorite book but loved seeing his softer i hate Artemis.