Saturday, January 22, 2011

Undeniably Yours by Shannon Stacey

Kevin Kowalski  is from a large family with plenty of people to pass around the love and hardships one might encounter. He is the reason big brother Joe quit is drinking. Originally Kevin worked in the police department and was married . He was also getting the shitty shifts and crappy cases.  One day he stops home to pick up paperwork for a case that he had forgotten and finds his chief fucking his wife. He beats the shit out of him and there was no press on him because his chief was married to some big wig. He leaves the precinct to buy a sports bar in New Hampshire where he enjoys what he does. Here is where he meets the girl of his dreams. He is sick of all the napkins with the suggestions ans phone numbers. He wants a real relationship with someone he can build a home with. He meets Beth Hansen when he breaks her boss's nose by accident when he swings at him and he ends up breaking his nose on the end of the bar. He gets he fired and she walks out.

Beth Hansen is the only child of parents who had several miscarriages and as a result has been smothered her whole life. So she is what one might call a nomad, constantly moving from place to place with little more than the suitcase she brought with her. She finds work to pay her bills and a cheap place to rent for the time she is there, then she is off to the next place the triggers her fancy. She runs into Kevin again when she has to run as bartender at his brothers' wedding which is open bar.Out of all the places for him to be , it had to be this wedding. She turned him down all through out the night and his brother even offered to pay her boss to let her have a dance with Kevin. which was turned down yet again. They end up meeting after the wedding outside by accident and she can no longer fight the attraction to him. what is one night anyways?

She doe not see him for almost a month after the wedding when she learns that even though they used protection she is definitely pregnant. so much for her plans to move on. now she is stuck here in New Hampshire with a man she does not know and is now going to have a child with.

Can she trust him with her heart? Will he be able to convince her that a relationship with him would work and she does not need to be afraid of being hurt?