Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lover Revealed by JR WARD

For the fourth installment in the highly anticipated series, the black dagger brother hood is the story of Butch and Marisa .
Butch was taken into the brotherhood when he brought the king his shellan as she was going through her transition. He knew too much to leave and in order to protect their society he was either to remain with them or be killed. This you all saw in the first book Dark Lover.

Butch loves Marissa and cant do anythign but think of her . He cares deeply and does nightly drive by's as his way to be with her after she rejected his advances this past summer, she is the only one for him.

Marissa wants to be with Butch but doesnt understand why he wont come to her. Turns out he had come to her during when she was ill and was never told . He was told she did not wish to see him. This caused there current roadblock.

Butch is human so she can not feed from him. In secret she has been feeding from Rhevenge. He has strong feelings for her and wishes she would become his shellan but she does not return his feelings so there is nothign between them but the biological need to feed.

This does not go over well with butch as he ends up going after Rhevenge in his club when he catches Marissa's sent on him .
His protective instincts seem to be stronger than that of the average male so they do a regression and find that he is a half-breed. Which would explain why his father hated him, since he was never his father.

Butch is taken by the lessers and the omega puts part of himself in him leaving him with the ability to defeat them after Vishous healed him . Vishous also heals him each elimination .This allows the lesser cycle to be broken . With his ability he destroys them before they can return to the omega to be reused again.

Will Butch live through the transition to vampire and can Marissa accept his new fate?

Saturday, July 10, 2010


This is the 3rd book in the acclaimed black dagger brotherhood series by J.R. Ward.

For the 3rtd installment of the series, she focuses on Bella an Aristocrat who is enthralled with Zsadist from the very beginning. She is attracted  to him from the start but he finds it hard to belive that someone with his past is worthy of her.
Bella was kidnapped by one of the top people in the Lessening society , the brothers enemies, who their goal is to destroy the brotherhood and those they seek to protect and vice versa.
Zsadist goes into to rage and will not stop until she is found, this is going on for weeks before they finally have a tip where she is being held.
This is odd behavior coming from him for he is not known for his caring nature.
Bella wants to be with Z and he is the only one who can make her feel whole again after what she endured during those weeks of her imprisonment.
Zsadist does not now how to be gentle and knows little about the human body in the sexual sense for he was used and abused for years and recoils at the thought of intimate acts. He only uses the act for feeding purposes and never allows the female to touch him .
Can Bella teach him to let love in again and to forget about the past that torments him daily?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

out of the light into the shadows by lori foster, ll foster and erin mccarthy

This is a great anthology that i just finished reading and was happy to see that the stories were related to one another.

the first story, have no mercy by Lori foster, tells the story of mercedes "mercy" and her lover Wyatt. they have been togther for 6 months and after the first 3 months since she is on the pile they decided to for go condoms, Mercy ended up being sick a few weeks backs and as a result the pill did not take effect and she would up pregnant. She tells wyatt she loves him and then asks him to marry her but he says he loves her too but has no intention of ever getting married and doesn't want children due to his past which mercy doesn't know anything about yet at this point. She moves in with him in hopes to change his mind .

The second book Deal or No deal by Erin McCarthy, I thought was a great book. This tells the story of a young vampire who comes face to face with her ex-fiance who she thought had betrayed her family and was involved in the killing of the rest of her family minus her brother peter. she is now using the the name Katie Stolin and is playing the Niece of Nick Stolin the man who turned her and her brother into vampires in hopes of saving their lives. Michael Finds Katie whom he knows as Maria to rekindle their love and protect her from Rasputin who is a fake vampire who's powers are held in the vial he wears around his neck . without them he is powerless. Can he find Katie's vial before it is too late? or will  Michael be able to protect her.

the third story, Total Control by LL Foster aka lori Foster, is the story of Mercy's brother Braxton and his assistant. Turns out the men in his family are gifted with the ability to control the mind's emotions and actions if they are allowed and not willed against the user. Brax has this gift and uses it for the good of humanity to erase those who shouldn't be permitted to live on this earth , such as rapists and child molestors. He works with an elite branch of the government to get rid of these worthless human beings. He decided he wants Cammie for himself and that she must satisfy his sexual needs in order for him to be in control of his powers because that is the only thing that keeps him level headed. She isn't some floozy and decides if he wants her then they need to be married. Will Brax agree to a marriage?

The final story, The undead man's hand by Erin McCarthy , tell the story of Nick Stolin , the man who turned Katie aka Maria and her brother peter in homes of saving them . Nick falls for a detective who questions peter about his whereabouts on the previous night as he was seen in the alley in the time frame in one of the murders was supposedly committed. Nick Gets involved with the detective and soon falls hard for her as does jordan for him . He tells her what he really is after they have admitted loving each other and she thinks he has lost his mind or has he? Peter turns out to be the one committing the crimes and Nick must either let her die or turn her into a vampire like him due to she has been almost completely drained of her blood and has very little chance of surviving . Can Nick change her and she accept him for who he is?

Monday, July 5, 2010

"Lover Eternal"

Lover Eternal is book 2 in the black dagger brotherhood series by JR Ward the pen name of jessica bird who is known for her harlequin romances and books alike. after reading these books i dont know if ill be a complete mainstream addict as i was.

Lover Eternal tells the Story of Rhage, the strongest of the brotherhood and the most lethal . Over a century ago he was punished for his behavior by being cursed with a dragon with him that is released when his rage and emotions can no longer be controlled . a strong weapon when defeated the lessers as not a trace of them are left behind. Lessers are their arch enemy and  in turn the are both trying to destroy the other team .

Rhage's love interest is Mary, a full blood human who turns out to have a return of her fight with leukemia once again. due to her being human he has to feed from a female of the chosen ones.  She brings out the best and the worst in him. He tries to stay away from her for he fears that the beast within will be released and harm her.

Can he save mary and keep the beast from her? is the beast really a danger or is he worrying for nothing?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

newest addicition

ok so i am now a paranormal addict after reading dark lover by jr ward and don't plan to stop loving the brothers any time soon. i loved wrath's story and the love that he gave to Beth although he tried to fight it due to her connection to Darius the deceased brother who had been murdered by the undead not that many days prior and his dying wish was to have him protect Beth although at the time he rejected the favor due to she was half-human although she did turn out to have the vampire gene in her and she transformed and almost died in the process but lived thanks to wrath. my favorite scene from the book has to be the knife circle around Beth after they had been mated by the scribe virgin, and she was now his shellan . the brothers accepted her forming a knife circle around her and bowing before he giving her their allegiance. wrath walks in and says" hey they like you.!"..absolutely priceless in my book.