Thursday, July 1, 2010

newest addicition

ok so i am now a paranormal addict after reading dark lover by jr ward and don't plan to stop loving the brothers any time soon. i loved wrath's story and the love that he gave to Beth although he tried to fight it due to her connection to Darius the deceased brother who had been murdered by the undead not that many days prior and his dying wish was to have him protect Beth although at the time he rejected the favor due to she was half-human although she did turn out to have the vampire gene in her and she transformed and almost died in the process but lived thanks to wrath. my favorite scene from the book has to be the knife circle around Beth after they had been mated by the scribe virgin, and she was now his shellan . the brothers accepted her forming a knife circle around her and bowing before he giving her their allegiance. wrath walks in and says" hey they like you.!"..absolutely priceless in my book.