Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lover Revealed by JR WARD

For the fourth installment in the highly anticipated series, the black dagger brother hood is the story of Butch and Marisa .
Butch was taken into the brotherhood when he brought the king his shellan as she was going through her transition. He knew too much to leave and in order to protect their society he was either to remain with them or be killed. This you all saw in the first book Dark Lover.

Butch loves Marissa and cant do anythign but think of her . He cares deeply and does nightly drive by's as his way to be with her after she rejected his advances this past summer, she is the only one for him.

Marissa wants to be with Butch but doesnt understand why he wont come to her. Turns out he had come to her during when she was ill and was never told . He was told she did not wish to see him. This caused there current roadblock.

Butch is human so she can not feed from him. In secret she has been feeding from Rhevenge. He has strong feelings for her and wishes she would become his shellan but she does not return his feelings so there is nothign between them but the biological need to feed.

This does not go over well with butch as he ends up going after Rhevenge in his club when he catches Marissa's sent on him .
His protective instincts seem to be stronger than that of the average male so they do a regression and find that he is a half-breed. Which would explain why his father hated him, since he was never his father.

Butch is taken by the lessers and the omega puts part of himself in him leaving him with the ability to defeat them after Vishous healed him . Vishous also heals him each elimination .This allows the lesser cycle to be broken . With his ability he destroys them before they can return to the omega to be reused again.

Will Butch live through the transition to vampire and can Marissa accept his new fate?