Monday, July 5, 2010

"Lover Eternal"

Lover Eternal is book 2 in the black dagger brotherhood series by JR Ward the pen name of jessica bird who is known for her harlequin romances and books alike. after reading these books i dont know if ill be a complete mainstream addict as i was.

Lover Eternal tells the Story of Rhage, the strongest of the brotherhood and the most lethal . Over a century ago he was punished for his behavior by being cursed with a dragon with him that is released when his rage and emotions can no longer be controlled . a strong weapon when defeated the lessers as not a trace of them are left behind. Lessers are their arch enemy and  in turn the are both trying to destroy the other team .

Rhage's love interest is Mary, a full blood human who turns out to have a return of her fight with leukemia once again. due to her being human he has to feed from a female of the chosen ones.  She brings out the best and the worst in him. He tries to stay away from her for he fears that the beast within will be released and harm her.

Can he save mary and keep the beast from her? is the beast really a danger or is he worrying for nothing?