Monday, September 27, 2010

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

I have read all his previous novels except the one he wrote with his brother. On the Format , it is similar to the writing style he used in the lucky one. as i was reading i couldn't put it down, i just wanted to get to the end where you would get the juicy stuff. this one was set in small town as are most of his books. It is about a young woman who is new in town and doesn't have many friends or money. she was on the run from her husband and changed her identity and looks in hoping he couldn't find her. She falls for a man with two young children and he gives her everything she has ever wanted. a home, love and the chance to be a wife and mother to him and his children. she is still dreading the day that Kevin will show because she knows he won't ever stop looking for her. she also befriends her neighbor who turns out to be the spirit of her love interests dead wife. She thought she was real but ended up not being of this world. having Jo  gave her the ability to trust in people once again, especially men after her previous experience.