Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Exclusively Yours by shannon stacey

Keri Daniels moved away from the small town where she grew up and the love of her life. He had everything that he wanted but she had dreams that were bigger than the small town in New Hampshire. After leaving everything behind her to pursue her career goals in California she is finally going to get to place she has worked to be . There is only one problem , her boss wants her to interview her high school sweetheart who does not give interviews EVER.

Joesph Kowalski loved Keri with all his heart and was seriously crushed when she left. he wrote three best sellers while in a drunken stupor and was on his way to a fourth before going sober and having to learn how to write sober. He thought they were going to have the happy ever after but Keri had other ideas so he used her as the muse for his books to help him get past the pain. Now Keri is back in town to get an interview and he wants nothing more to see her and possibly rekindle what  they once had.

Keri used to be best friends with Joe's twin sister Terry but they grew apart in high school and she holds a grudge against Keri for leaving joe and breaking him to pieces with her departure.
Now the Kowalski clan has grown and Keri has to go on their annual camping trip if she wants her questions answered within the parameters set by Joe.  For everyday she lasts with the family she can ask one question and Joe can ask one in return. Will she be able to get her story? or will she lose or story and possibly Joe for the second time in 2 decades?