Sunday, November 7, 2010

baby steps by karen templeton

baby steps is the second book in the babies inc series. book two of a four book series. Dana Malone is one of the partners in great expectations a used retail chain specializing in baby and kids stuff. which sells everything from clothes to toys to furniture to baby gear. their current location is about to burst so Dana is stuck with the job of finding a new location as voted by the other members of the team.

In walks CJ Turner , the real estate agent she will be working with. He is the perfect male specimen. with eyes and a body to die for. she is attracted to him from the start and the attraction is mutual but with the hurt in her past she does not want to let her guard down.

Her last lover who was her fiancée until a few days before  when they found out she could not have kids just up and left her. no calls, no messages. just up and left. leaving her bereft and heartbroken. can she trust another man after this.

Her cousin Trish used to work for CJ a few month back and they have a fling which they both decided was a one time deal . he had to be around 12 years her senior. he had gotten a vasectomy about 5 years prior but unfortunately things did not go as planned when Dana finds a baby left to her by Trish giving her custody and naming CJ as the father.

She agrees to move in with CJ after he is determined to be the father. the more time they spend together the closer they get . Dana tells his upfront that she can not have children so there is no misconceptions.
 Cj is not looking for anything permanent and he is determined he is not the marrying kind.

can Dana get through his walls? can he love her although she cant have his kids biologically?