Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Falling for the Lone Wolf by Crystal Green

Jenny Hunter is used to living her life the way she wants it on her own terms. She is a high powered associate at a prestigious marketing firm . With the way career was rising she chose but love on hold for time being, there had not been anyone who was able to catch her interest anyway, so why bother with a relationship that was going nowhere. The only interest she had shown was the with the handsome laundromat loner- Liam McCree.
They both had a little flirtatious banter going on, the suble looks and hints. Jenny had always liked Liam but never thought there would be something more. 
Liam has always held a candle for Jenny since the day they ment. He could have set up his computer anywhere, so why in a laundromat instead of renting office space? Little did Jenny know that the reason for it was her. Liam had taken one look at her and fallen instantly. 
They might not have been good friends yet but he felt there was promise for something more.
Lately, Liam had noticed a change in her. She wasn't her high-spirited self and wasn't joking around as much. then most recently she had traded in her high class trendy formfitting outfits for loose button downs and slacks. Her hair was the perfection it usually was, there was clearly something wrong. 
Jenny had learned recently at a mammogram that there was a lump in her breast and a biopsy was needed. She was in constant fear of what would happen. Would they taken away her breast? She did not want to lose her femininity, who would love her then?
Liam was the only one who could truly understand what she was going through. In college he was in an accident that resulted in him not being able to run anymore, and he loved to run. He ahred with her the pain and aftereffects of the accidents. The rejection he had experienced from his last girlfriend at the marks that were left behind. 
Would Jenny be able to accept him for the man he was, scars and all?
Would Liam be able to let go of the past and trust the future?