Friday, February 25, 2011

Too Good to be True by Kristan Higgins

This has to be one of my favorites by her although I always find myself having a hard time picking one.

Grace Emerson was once engaged to an estate lawyer whom she thought the world of. She loved him with all her heart but he obviously did not love her as much as she loved him . He fell madly in love with her her sister sister, Natalie. She thought something was off but he then waited until 3 weeks before the wedding before calling it off.

She was tired of everyone feeling bad for her and to prevent Natalie from breaking up with her ex she made of a boyfriend that made Andrew look mediocre. A handsome young pediatric surgeon who was immensely dedicated to his work.

No one could ever meet him of course because he was fictional but just having the imaginary man made her feel better about her self. Her best friends Julian , who was gay and gorgeous was also looking for Mr right  after being burned several years back.

Callahan "Cal"O'Shea is the man next door she mistakes for a burglar when he is seen snooping around a neighboring property late at night. She is worried so she calls the cops on the suspicious activity. He goes to her door to try to see if she possibly has a key and gets whacked in the head with her field hockey stick. He then is forced to spend the night in jail in order to verify his statement, which is the last place he wants to be after being recently released from prison himself.

He did 19 months in a minimum security facility where he plead guilty to embezzlement of 1.6 million dollars. He chose not to go to trial due to all the evidence against him although he held no part in it. His brother set him up and he tried to fix it without turning in his brother and said brother then testified against him.

Grace felt her growing attraction towards the ex-convict . She was unsure of what to do about him. She taught at a prestigious private school where they would most likely frown upon her dating an ex-criminal. Her parents are somewhat snobs so they also would be looking down their noses at him. Her sister is a criminal defense lawyer so she is going to want to look into his past and her ex is just a nosy sob.

She starts to date cal and everything is going great until she mentions that the ex boyfriend was in fact a made up boyfriend.she has been lying to him and her family the whole time with the exception of Margaret who knew due to prior experience with the fictional boyfriends. Cal breaks up with her due to her lying and he still believes she has feelings for her ex and does not want to be the rebound relationship.

When they breakup she is heartbroken. she hopes he returns to her in time. she does not want to be with anyone else. he was the one for her and when you find the one you just  KNOW.

Can Cal forgive her and make both their dreams come true?