Thursday, February 17, 2011

the sheik and the virgin secretary by susan mallery

Another great Sheik book from the desert rogue line by susan mallery!

Kiley is wounded when she finds out that her groom to be has been less than faithful to her. He did not just cheat once but has been repeatedly throughout there relationship with almost his entire law class, the neighbors and had the audacity to proposition her friends as well. 
 Not to mention she does not find out until the night before the wedding is suppose to take place. The wedding is called off and she returns to work.
Wanting revenge she decides to have an affair with no other than her boss, Prince Rafiq. He is charming, and incredibly and ever girls dream. He has stipulations in the affair, for it to be three months in length and they both are to enjoy the fruits of their agreement. She will attend events with him and vice versa as well as mutual pleasure.
Unknown to Rafiq when he enters the bargain she is innocent and he must take his time with her unlike his others mistresses. He grows to care for her after an amount of time and wants to do things to please her but he finds him self unable to love or that is what he thinks due to his upbringing and the lack of it in his life. He parents were never an example to go by as they were both young when they had him and went their separate ways. Can Kiley show him what love is all about and get him to trust their love is real?