Friday, June 3, 2011

The Darkest Passion by gena showalter

Gena Showalter does it again. another great story . I hope to have more lords to read about real soon.
This one I had a little trouble getting into at first but it was well worth it.
This book is about the lord Aeron, keeper of wrath. all the lords were forced to house demon lords centuries ago when they freed them from pandora's box. they can not live without the demon's within them any longer.; were they forced to part the lords would die and the demon would be forced to wander the earth tormenting the unsuspecting humans.
Aeron is one of my favorite lords. He was recently consumed by blood lust when  he was ordered by Cronus, king of the gods to kill Danica ford, the all seeing eye. He was freed by Paris, keeper of promiscuity, when he was given a choice to free Aeron from his blood lust or to save the only woman to ever he was able to bed more than once. Paris's demon forces him to bed a different partner every night , whether male or female or die an agonizing death.
Aeron now spends every night making sure he has someone to bed as a small payment for what his friend sacrificed for him. He is truly indebted to him even though Paris does not see it that way. He loves his fellow lords like a brothers, they are family to him and you protect family. The lords all share a fortress in Budapest .

Aeron has been feeling a presence watching him for sometime now. every time he felt the beings presence  Legion, the demon was he loves like a daughter, returns to hell as it hurts her to be in the beings presence. The only being that could cause this is an angel. Demons do not respond well to angels. The angels are demon assassins and charged with keeping them in order. He is constantly feeling the being but unable to see them. Angels are invisible to everyone going about their business bringing joy and destroying those that are necessary.
Olivia was always a joy-bringer angel but was progressed to a warrior angel when gold thread appeared in her wings. she did not want to become a warrior angel. She did not have the will to harm anyone. Her first charge was to kill Aeron for the laws he violated. Aeron brought legion out of hell and that goes against the laws. Legion is not like the other demons and Aeron met her while he was in hell during his blood lust craze. She was the only thing that was able to calm him during that time.
Olivia continues to watch Aeron but becomes fallen when she refuses to slay Aeron.
    Aeron does not trust her at first and thinks she is bait. Females sent by their enemies the hunters to lure them out and lower their guard so they can kill them. Similar thing had happened to Baden, Aeron's best friend. He was keeper of distrust and had died at the hands of the hunters many years ago through the use of a bait .
 Olivia gave up everything for Aeron, the life she knew and had her wings ripped from her back and thrown in to hell. she had to crawl her way out of there by her will and landed on the doorstep of the fortress.
Aeron doesn't know who she is but his demon is immediately settled by her. He does not want to cause her harm which is a first for Aeron. He always wants to cause someone harm; whether they are friend or foe.
  Aeron has trouble since Legion can not be in her presence and he sends her away until the fallen angel leaves. Legion feels threatened and wants her gone so she attacks when Aeron is gone and also attacks two of his friends in the crossfire because they are defending the angel.
 Aeron returns to save them and send legion away , she was in the wrong.

Aeron starts to spend more time with Olivia and is slowly learning to want to be with her. He hasn't been with anyone in a long time and most run from him because of his appearance but she sees the good in him that not everyone can see. Most just look at the surface and not what is beneath.

Lysander, her mentor gives her 2 weeks to return to the heavens or lose her immortality. Then another will return to slay Aeron and there is nothing that can be done.

They both learn to love each other and want it no matter the costs. Aeron always loved Legion as a daughter but she made a bargain with lucifer to make her appear human so she could seduce Aeron and if she fails Lucifer will kill him and all his friends. Legion does not realize the mistake she made until it is too late. She thinks Aeron loves her too but not in a man-women type of love as she soon learns.

Can they fix the bargain before its too late? will Olivia and Aeron be able to be together? will Aeron die?

**overall it was a great book. i was stuck at the beginning but i was also reading more than one book at a time so that might be a contributing factor. so far my favorite book in the series is Lucien and Anya's story