Friday, June 10, 2011

Rapture in Death by Jd robb

Roarke and Dallas are on their honeymoon and as it is coming to a close a murder occurs while off-planet. one of the autotronic engineers commits suicide. He has no reason apparent reason to want to self-terminate. He was happy in his work, had a woman he was happy with, though no one seemed to know who she was. His room mate had just seen him recently and he seemed happy. No signs of depression or anxiety. It appears as a suicide but the situation just seems wrong. She returns from her honeymoon to find that a high-powered senator had also committed suicide while she was away. He just jumped out a window naked as the day he was born with a smile on his face. Also no soon after the prosecuting attorney on a case she was working was found dead in his home with is wrist slashed. He seemed way too arrogant and self important to want to self-terminate. Not long after owner of  a tabloid magazine followed simliar situation as the senator, she jumped off the ledge of the building where the tabloid ran seemingly happy but was then smashed to bits on impact. What do they all have in common? Bran scans were done and first three all had small burn marks in the front lope. last appeared to have it as well but brain was hard to tell since it was distorted from the fall. What was making these seemingly happy people self-terminate? what do they have in common. They also seemed to all have used VR unit before self-terminating. Some sociopath was terminating people because they could . no known provocation. Its nothing worse than when it turns out to be one of your own. someone you had trusted and was using the company for their ploy.
Also an musicology tech had created a console that when the music was played he could manipulate it to make people feel a certain way. This is what caused Eve's nightmare episode and Roarke's opening of his past.

Review: I loved this book. another great suspense novel on finding the murder in the world of Dallas and Roarke. She doesn't like having to involve him but he always seems to be an invaluable resource. It was great seeing a softer side of Roarke when Eve told him she loved him with prompting. It was the first time she expressed it on her own and he was very emotional about as to be expected. Eve had to endure another one of her nightmares when a friend of Mavis's purposely engaged them not knowing what he was opening her up to. Also resulted in Roarke opening to his dark side and it wasn't something he liked. it wasn't him. it was an overall great book. now the question is who is out to get Eve and Roarke???