Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts

Lately I have been finding her books have not been up to par in my opinion and latest is no exception; It is a great story but there was too much on the smoke jumpers in my opinion and did not focus enough on the murder and the two relationships in the story.

This story surrounds of the life of the Missoula Smoke jumpers aka Zulies. They fight forest fires all over but instead of driving in like the hotshots of the different areas they jump out of a plane to get to their destination.
Smoke jumpers have an off season so they do not spend the whole year in this occupation.

Rowan Tripp is in her fifth year as a smoke jumper and she cant see her life any other way. she is the daughter of renowned smoke jumper Lucas "iron man" Tripp. On the off season she helps her dad with his sky diving business and also some training as well. She has always made it a rule to not pursue a relationship with any of the fellow smoke jumpers in her unit and has never had a problem with that rule until this season......

Gulliver Curry is the last guy she would have thought her self to fall for. In the off season her runs an arcade and is well established. It might not be the typical job but it makes him happy and it supports him very well.  He is a rookie and breaks the base record for running and earns himself the name" fast feet". From the first time he set eyes on Rowan he knew he was going to have her. No matter the time it would take, he believed he would wear her down.
Gull was not like other guys from his job in the off season,  to his surprising interests. He is well read, a great fighter and strong willed. He is determined to get what he wants and he wants her.
Rowan has never been in love and she has never seen her father with anyone. Her mother walked out on them when she was young. So she is shocked when she sees him kissing a woman in public for the first time.

Ella is great for her father and makes him happy, though there are some rough patches to start. She was married to man for a long time and always put his wishes above hers when they constantly moved around the country for his jobs. Now she has a life of her own, with a fulfilling life . Now she also has a man who makes her feel complete.

Review: I loved this book though at times I think some of the smoke jumping details could have been toned down a bit. I loved gull. He and dobie were my favorite characters. Rowan I learned to love though I was not instantly drawn to her. I love the close relationship she had with her father . It was great to learn about something new. lately you have learned something new from each of her single titles and she must have gone through a lot of research for these books. Gull is very lovable and he has the characteristics of a great lead male. He has unerring patience , which he needs when pursuing Rowan. I was lost at times with the murders because there was so much background on the smoek jumpers but i loved it over all. Id say is a 3.5 stars