Saturday, April 17, 2010

Two for the Dough by Janet Evanovich

And Stephanie Plum strikes again. another book full of laughter, murder and mayhem. can you handle it?  Stephanie is still carry her trusty smith and Weston which proves helpful when she actually remembers to load the thing and now carries a stun gun , defense spray and one beast of a flashlight that may come in handy in more than just lighting up a room. Still working with the ever mysterious ranger and Trenton's finest , the sexy Joe morelli.

Her newest FTA is Kenny Mancuso cousin to morelli and seriously deranged. He is newly out of the armed forces, suspiciously loaded and  shot his best friend in the leg with a stolen weapon, unfortunate for him he was caught by an off-duty cop. He is now on the run and no one can find him . It is up to Stephanie to bring him in for failure to appear at court before the time on the bond runs out and neither her or  Vinny gets any money out of the case.

Kenny was long time best buddies with Spiro Stiva who is heir to running the funeral parlor. Stiva had 24 caskets in a storage locker and they have suspiciously gone missing. so hires on Stephine in attempt to locate the missing caskets. Along comes Grandma Mazur to the viewings for these are the social life of those who live in the burg.  She ill definitely add spice to the party when they find out the cannon she is packing in that purse of hers. Add in hacked off body parts and privates being sent through the mail and you have one seriously screwed up kid.

What do Kenny and Stiva have in common? are they in cohorts with each other ?

also added in to the mix is Lula now ex hooker turned file clerk for Vinny's . Always willing to lend a hand, especially when it involves putting a cap in someone's ass.

Moreilli and Stephanie get real cozy on a stake out for two until she finds he put a transformer in her purse...was it for her own safety as he claims or did he not want to risk her not sharing a piece of the pie?

You sure don't want to miss this one...