Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the Cinderella Deal by Jennifer Crusie

Another winner by jenny crusie. i have yet to find a book by her that i do not like and i have read most of them. i have a few yet to go but i will get to them eventually and i can guarantee it will be worth the wait.

Daisy Flattery is in her early thirties and had previously quit her secure job as a teacher to pursue her life's passion as an artist. to pay the bills she also makes jewelry and  tells stories to those that will listen. She is the quintessential artist with the wild hair and wild wardrobe. She loves animals and will do anything to help those in need.

Lincoln "linc" Blaise is the typical plainclothes male. All serious and no color. His wardrobe consists of neutral colors and blacks, nothing to bold but respectable and simple. He has published a book and wants to get a job at Prescott but when he is asked at the interview if he is married he says no but says he is engaged at the thought that this is the only thing holding him back from this job.

He needs to find a fiance fast and someone who will pass as the new Mrs Lincoln Blaise and the homey wifely type. Daisy can tell stories so why not create one of their own? he offers her a thousand dollars to pose as his fake fiance . Daisy gladly accepts because she is in desperate need of money and who wouldn't want to spend the evening with an attractive man?

Daisy does her duty to play his fiance but then her and lincoln enter into a marriage of convience when the head of prescott expects them to be married. is it possible for them to be together? will they ever find love?

Daisy spends he nights thinking of linc and does the same but neither but the first foot forward for risk of embarrassment.  will they eventually admit their feelings or live in perpetual silence?...