Saturday, April 24, 2010

hot six by janet evanovich

Another day in the life of Stephanie plum who got named by Trenton's newspaper "Bombshell Bounty Hunter." Has a nice ring to it if you ask me. In this adventure he boss and cousin Vinnie wants her to go and retrieve  Ricardo Carlos"Ranger" Manosa since he missed his court date. He is one of their own and no one can find  him if he does not want to be found. She passes it on to Joyce the bitch, in whom she found having sex on her dining room table with her now ex husband  Richard"Dickie" Orr. They have never liked each other and have had one confrontation after another since child hood.

Stephanie is now left to retrieve Morris Munson who rammed his wife with his car killing her and then proceeded to beat her to pulp with a tire iron and set her on fire. Thankfully, someone showed up on the scene before the fire was started. Vincent Plum Bail Bonds retrieved him from jail and has since jumped his bail and missed his court hearing. He is now an FTA and Miss Plum has the luxury of retrieving his psychotic ass. She gets ten percent of whatever the bond is and this one is on the larger scale since Ranger isn't around. First he tries to beat her up with a tire iron like he did his dead wife and then he sets her clothes on fire. When she is finally able to apprehend the suspect she makes the day for all the cops by bringing him in naked. she apprehended him while he was in the shower. Life certainly isn't dull on the jersey shore with her as a bounty hunter.

Ranger is still FTA for carrying concealed although every cop in Trenton knows he does and lets it go. Unfortunately, a young up and coming cop wasn't aware of the standards and arrested him. Ranger is in hiding because he is trying to find his man. Someone framed him for the murder of Homer Ramos, the youngest son of Alexander Ramos the drug runner.
Ranger was seen coming out of the building where Homer was found shot in the head on security cam and he was the only one seen in the building making him a prime suspect. He ask Stephanie to do some surveillance for him and watch the house of one of the other Ramos bothers.
She begins to have quite an adventure after that. She has two goons constantly following her in hopes that she will lead the to ranger. Their boss thinks ranger has something that is his although it turns out he doesn't and that it was thrown in the trash by Cynthia Lotte, Homer's ex and her ex-husbands secretary. In the process she is worrying about something happening to ranger and cause a whole lot of problems for him while he is trying to fix his current situation. On top of all this she is left to babysit a dog which she ends up being stuck with when she learns he was just trying to be pawned off and not babysat. She originally got the dog when she owed a cop a favor after he dropped the charges against a friend of hers. Bob is now hers but has preferred to live with morelli. Bob the dog looks like a cross between a golden retriever and chewbacca from star wars.

In addition her granny comes to live with her temporarily when she gets into a disagreement with her father after she tried out Stephanie's stun gun on him.

Who is behind ranger's set up and what is in store for him and stephanie?

Her and Joe are getting closer as well as her and ranger. Who will she choose? the ever faithful Morelli or ranger who is the man of mystery??