Thursday, April 22, 2010

the littlest matchmaker by dorien kelly

I love the Harlequin American Romance series. They are great short stories about love and family which are often centered in small towns. This one was another cute story although i wish it would have ended a bit differently.

Lisa Kincaid was a widow who lost her husband three years ago in accident. she now ran a bakery and was doing very well for herself. Her son Jamie is now four years old and a content and happy child. He attends preschool 3 days a week at hillside which she had to concede to let her parents pay for because it was what is best for Jamie. He also attends daycare which is run by her best friend. she has little time for herself and as a result she does not spend any time away from her son, on the ocasion that it does happen it is usually the exception and not the rule. She recently became enamored by one of her customer's and best friends older brother , Kevin Decker .
Who wouldn't want a handsome, kind , hard-working man?
but the emotional scars left by Jamie's father from their marriage left her skeptical when it came to trusting another man.

Kevin Decker started out coming to the bakery everyday as a sense of duty because he husband was an employee of his and died while on the job and felt  responsible although he knows it was not his fault. Not long after the visits started he started to care for Lisa as more than friends but was unable on how to orchestrate the first move. Jamie seemed to genuinely like him and gave him the opening he needed into their lives. Due to Jamie not having a father Kevin agreed to step in at the father child pageant that was put on every year as a gift to the mothers. The time he spent with him designing the set allowed him to get close to Lisa.

Little did he know that she has returned him affections for a long time. Slowly but surely they started to spend some family time and on the occasion some time by themselves without Jamie.  Lisa came to love Kevin but would she be able to get past her fears from her marriage? Jamie's father made he feel that he gave up his whole life for them which he came to resent them for.

Would Kevin be able to get past her barriers to show her that he is nothing like her ex?