Friday, April 16, 2010

The Valentine Bride by Liz Fielding

the finale in the Brides of Bella Lucia series. overall i good series that i decided to keep for myself instead of posting to my bookshelves on or

Louise Valentine had recently found out that she wasn't the girl she thought she was. Raised as a Valentine of the UK's Bella Lucia restaurants and given all the amenities a young girl could want. Later in life than what is usually expected she finds out she was adopted as a baby by john and ivy valentine, if it wasn't for his heart attack who knows if they would have even revealed the truth with her. Now in her early 30's she is questioning the life she once lived and no longer has a reason to fight the attraction for her cousin Max Valentine that has been simmering and waiting to break out since she was a teen.

Max Valentine had recently been promoted to the head of Bella Lucia restaurant group  . He was previously the manager of one of the restaurants and breathed the day to day activities involved in running it successfully. His half brother Jack who was previously estranged from the family after an argument with his father some 12 years ago recently put a lot of capital into the business to prevent the business from going bankrupt after an embezzlement scandal from one of their own. One of the conditions was for him to  hire Louise Valentine as a PR consultant and turn the business into the 21st century. Louise may be a member of the family although no longer a blood relation, which could prove problematic to max's sanity , she was also really good at what she does.

Max offers Louise the position under the conditions that she would work for him until valentine's day as long as he would give her a kiss as payment for the contract. The attraction between the two since they were in their teens but there was no longer any blood ties between them so there were no longer any boundaries.

They begin work together on the PR project but are just as suddenly thrown together due to the passion that has been composed is now released. there is no need for the traditional courtship due to their history . They both are falling fast and hard but can Louise finally give in to Max? will they last or will he continue to always but Bella Lucia first as he always have?

Will Max risk everything he has at the risk of losing the meaning in his life?