Friday, April 23, 2010

buffalo valley by debbie macomber

Vaughn Kyle was named after the son of Buffalo Valley's beloved pharmacist Hassie knight. Vaughn's mother was originally engaged to her son but he did not want to get married until her returned from the war. Unfortunately , he never returned and died during battle in Vietnam. His mother ended up marrying Vaughn's best friend Rick Kyle. They fell in love after spending time with each other in a time of need after losing someone they both dearly loved. In tribute to the man who died they named their first born son after Vaughn Knight and Vaughn Kyle was born.

Vaughn had recently been discharged from the army and had taken a job with the large company Value-X at the recommendation of his girlfriend who also worked at the company. they had been seeing each other for about two years and had some talk of marriage but neither showed much excitement in the subject so it was pushed aside. He wasn't scheduled to start his new job until the first of the year so while visiting his parents in Grand Forks, North Dakota he decided to finally visit Hassie knight who was like a second grandmother to him that he had never met. She sent his cards and letters throughout the years and he kept them all. Her words of wisdom helped shape the man he is today. In Addition his girlfriend thought it would be a good idea to scope out the town as a possible location for a new Value-X expansion so he said why not?

Carrie Hendrickson is the intern at knight's pharmacy and when Vaughn comes to see Hassie he finds her instead. She is the youngest in the family and has four older brothers who are fiercely over protective of her . Especially after her divorce from her husband Alec who cheated on her destroying her self confidence and dignity. Can she trust another man after Alec?
Carrie offers to show Vaughn the town while they await Hassie's return from her meeting. They spend the time together and she feels an instant connection with him that just feels right. They go to the tree lighting ceremony and spend a lot of time with each other. Vaughn finally tells her that he had accepted a job for Value-X but after spending time in this town he has decided to resign and help them with their fight against the conglomerate .
She feels betrayed that he did not tell her upfront but it time she forgives him until another bombshell is dropped in her lap. His ex shows up claiming to be his fiance and blows all his efforts to pieces. He explains that they were never engaged but had just talked about the possibility of marriage in the past with now excitement about it from the woman in question.

Will Carrie be able to trust him ? Is it possible for Vaughn to find a happy ever after in this small town of Buffalo Valley?