Thursday, April 8, 2010

Billionaire's Marriage Bargain Bargain by Leanne Banks

Mallory had always had the hots for Alex Megalos but thought herself to be beyond his spectrum of women. She didn't want to be another flavor of the week to this social circle hottie know as "the lady killer". Alex was known to get any female's attention by simply walking into a room. He held the female population in the palm of his hand , so it came as a surprise when alex approached her at a party and made plan for a later date.
Alex never noticed Mallory before but realized what a beauty she was. Her father had asked if he knew any men that would make a suitable husband for his daughter, immediately discounting him as a possible candidate. The more time he spent with her the more people he crossed off the list of possibilities and realized her wanted her for himself.
Soon they were a discreet item and spending more and more time together. She made him feel like a human being and alive inside instead of the empty shell of a man he was currently consumed by his job.

Alex mad her feel alive inside and didn't know what she was experiencing . could this explosive chemistry turn into something more than just a private affair. she didn't want to be another one of his flavors of the month. So when he asked her to move in with him suddenly she needed time to think about it. Unfortunately private pictures of them had surfaced on the internet and they needed to stop a scandal before the grainy pictures that were taken we able to be refocused and the people in the pctures revealed.

Could a marriage pushed ahead to cover a scandal result in love?