Sunday, April 25, 2010

the cowboy's baby by patricia thayer

I am always drawn to the cowboy books and this one was a cute tender romance about the obstacles life can throw at you.

the past....

Kira lost her parents at a young age and there wasn't any family left to take her so she was thrown into the care of the state. She spent her life going from home to home and being rejected once again. When she was younger it did not matter that she did not have a lot of friends but by the time she reached high school she was isolated and alone. No one wanted to be friends with her and was marked and outcast by her fellow peers. When she finally got the attention she craved she reached out to the life line. Finally, someone who cared for her only that wasn't the case. She thought the young man she fell in love with loved her back but he wanted nothing to do with her. She was heartbroken and kicked out of the home because she wound up pregnant. The baby's father was the nephew of her foster parents. She had to move to a group home and with no means of support was forced to give up her baby for adoption.

Kira fell for Trace on first glance when she was having lunch with his brother and had to wait almost two whole weeks before he worked up the nerve to ask her out. they had a whirlwind romance and married after only two months. she knew he was the one she was going to marry, so why wait? She loved being with Trace and longed to give him a family. they tried everything with no success. The medical bills continued to stack up and they couldn't take the loss no longer so they decided to try adotion. Her iability to concieve was an endless reminder of the baby she had to give up and couldn't take care of. Would they be able to get a baby and complete their family?

Trace loved his wife and desperately wanted to have a child with her but he wanted Kira. He married her so she would share her life with him .He did not know of his wife's past .He wanted children but a baby was a bonus and he couldn't be without her. After the loss of not being able to concieve there were words said and he moved out of the house into the bunkhouse. He longed to be with his wife but they caused eachother so much pain he did not know if they could go back to how they used to be.

They had finally reached the list and were able to have a child. The birth mother wanted an open adoption. They couldn't believe this was finally happening. In five short weeks they woudl be parents to a baby girl.

Unfortunately the birth mother changered her mind and deterioated the foundation they had rebuilt.
Could they save their marriage and still have the child they always dreamed of?