Thursday, April 1, 2010

Best Friend....Future Wife by Claire Baxter

I have read a lot of the harlequin romances and this is one of the best by far that i have read. It is only second place to my one and only dating games by Leigh Michales.

Della had always had feelings for her best friend Luke Brayford. He was not like a lot of the other guys in which he genuinely cared about the little people. He came came from a good family, the very thing she had always wished she had. they became her second family when she became friends with his sister Lyn. They became the three musketeers growing up . Due to the fact that Della did not want to jeopardize the only family and friends she ever had, she hid her feelings from Luke and kept up appearances that they were just friends. Deep down she had always loved Luke even 15 years later when he returns from his voyages to settle back home.
Luke returned home after a broken marriage that both parties had rushed into that were based on attraction and lust and not the love Luke thought it was. Yvonne was not the person he thought her to be. He returns home to take a CEO job of a charity of the the orphanage he had been managing for the past three years. In comes Della more beautiful then ever, the one person he could always talk to and be himself around. she always had a way of calming him and making him grounded when everything around him was blowing up in his face. His attraction to Della hadn't dissipated as he had hoped over the years but had grown stronger. Della was not a girl any longer but a sophisticated woman with a woman's' curves. He never acted on his feelings over the years either but instead banked them down. He felt it would be a betrayal to his sister if he were to go after Della, they were after all a 3 of a kind.
The sexual tension between them continued to heat until one kiss and second thoughts turned into an explosion. Never in his life had he had the same experience with another woman, he wants them to be together but she blows it off like a one night stand. Breaking his heart to pieces. Deciding he cant be around her and not want her he decides to return to the orphanage in India. When he goes to say goodbye to his sister he learns the truth, Della does love him but does not feel herself worthy of him because she can not bear children as a result of the chemo. Can they overcome the obstacles and conquer their love?