Monday, April 26, 2010

The Ladies Man by Susan Mallery

This book is the second in the positively pregnant series. i have read the others and find them all to be great stories. the three girls from the stories are friends in a knitting class....
Rachel Harper is an orphan and had lost all her family at a young age. Her parents and baby brother were victims in a fatal car accident. She decided she has hit a point in her life where she needs to spruce up her life. She had previously been engaged twice but they did not pan out. Maybe she should be more sophisticated and get out more. She is a kindergarten teacher and the only men she comes into contact with are the students and the fathers of those kids. A friend of hers from work asks her to accompany her to the blue dog bar where she is meeting her boyfriend for moral support. While waiting for her friend to have words with her boyfriend she meets Carter Brockett.
Carter Brockett is an undercover cop and a regular at the blue dog bar. He comes from a line of cops and has the close knit family Rachel wishes she still had. He spots her in the bar and decides it is his job to protect her from the others. The only women who usually come to the bar either work their or are looking for a fling. Rachel does not seem the time so he buys her a drink and they sit down to chat. They have some great conversation and he gives her a lift home when her friend leaves her stranded after running off in the heat of the moment.
He goes to kiss her good night and that one kiss turns into an explosion of passion.
They end up spending the night together and Carter leaves the next morning before she wakes and leaves her a note with his number and for her to call him.
Rachel decides not to call him because she is embarrassed at what she did. they both got swept up in the heat of the moment but she has never been with a man she wasn't in a serious relationship with. She figures she is just another girl and does not mean anything. So her not calling is not of any significance and he will soon forget her. but forget her he cant because in the heat of passion they didn't use any protection and she wound up pregnant....
She goes to Carter with the news after not seeing or calling him since their encounter after she had seen a lawyer. She had paperwork drawn up to forfeit his rights to the baby because she didn't want him to be saddled with a kid he did not want. The baby may not have been planned but he wanted his child. They agree to be friends and have a pretend relationship with pretense of dating when his family insists they marry for the sake of the child.
They spend time together and soon start to fall but Rachel is reluctant to love because of her past. She has learned to suppress her emotions because truly caring can result in loss and she doesn't even want to experience that again.

Can she open her heart and love carter?
Or will she lose the one great thing in her life that makes her life worth the risk?