Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Four to Score by Janet Evanovich

Another adventure for Stephanie Plum and her bail jumping FTA's but her life would be boring without them. obviously she is still working for her sleaze ,nymphomaniac, pervert of a cousin vinnie at plum bailbonds .  to Her newest target is maxine norwicki, a waitress whose was charged with auto theft on her now ex boyfriends car although she had used it in the past.
praying  this would be an easy case she goes to see the boyfriend in hope that he would rat on where ever Maxine was hiding. unfortunately Eddie did not have a clue as to her whereabouts. Eddie hires Stephanie to retrieve some "letters" from Maxine on top of the bail jumping. they later learn the letters were counterfeit money that Maxine took from him as revenge for the way he treated her.
Maxine started leaving clues in treasure hunt fashion for Eddie. Stephanie enlist the help of sally sweet a local drag queen who is the nephew of one of the members in her building to help unscramble to clues. He was always good at this as a child and had little trouble making sense of the clues.

And to make matters worse Vinnie hires Joyce, whom Stephanie caught screwing her ex-husband on their kitchen table although they have always been at odds with one another.

Not long after Sally Sweet joins the gang bad things start happening. Miss Plum starts getting death threat warnings, her car is soaked in gasoline which then proceeds to blow up, her apartment is blown up. not a good week for her.

Who could be causing these acts? possibly Maxine? no that does not make any sense this stage in the game.
She doesn't want to put her family at risk so she temporarily moves in morelli which turns out to be a fiasco because then everyone thinks they are either getting married or that she is knocked, false accusations on both accounts but that is the gossip mill in the burg for you.

Turns out both her and Morellis cases are interlinked. Morelli has been working on a counterfeiting case and Maxine's mother was using counterfeit bills to buy a few items and support her occasional drug habit. turns out that Eddie's uncle and aunt were responsible for the counterfeiting.

People were showing up with missing fingers and Maxine's mother was scalped. all compliments of Eddie's uncle Leo who had previously been working for the mob but got out on his won when he retired from being an enforcer and became a counterfeiter after meeting with a buddy he met while in prison. the fingers were his trade mark.

The threats turned out to be Sally Sweets gay roommate who turned jealous when he started spending to much time with miss plum and was worried something would happen to sally. He realized the only way to keep him safe was to go after little miss bounty hunter. thankfully no one was hurt and he was arrested.

Could things get any better? nothing like a day in the burg...