Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Crazy About the Boss By Teresa Southwick

The Prodigal son returns ......Jack Valentine spent the last 12 years building an empire of his own after being rejected by his own father the night of an important event at the Bella Lucia Restaurant. He led his father to believe that he did not prepare any food for the event as he promised but in reality he was covering for his mother who destroyed every ounce of it in a drunken rage after receiving her divorce papers in her already fragile condition. The truth he swore never to reveal in an effort to protect his mother. In that night she may have lost her husband but he lost his entire family. Weren't the parents suppose to protect their children in a time of need not the other way around?
Madison has spent the last few years working for Jack Valentine, a job she loves. They balance each other out and help those who need help while gaining a controlling interest in several companies. She used her no nonsense attitude to help jack with the decisions and bring forth prospective companies that she feels the company would benefit from. Her relationship with Jack is strictly professional due to her past first being used as a frat wager then being used to gain access to someone she knew. So she had little trust in men especially Jack who always turned for the hill once this started to progress.

Jack hadn't seen his family in the 12 years since he left on that night of the Bella Lucia function but he returns at the request of his sister to meet her sister's husband who just just happens to be King of Meridia. Little does Jack know but the Family business is in trouble and he is the only one who can help.

Off to London Jack convinces Maddie to accompany him on the trip although it is the holiday season with the promise she could see some of London while they were there. while they are there she sees a whole new side of jack . The sensitive, caring  man and not just the serial dater/playboy she is used to in new york. She could easily come to love this Jack but he could just as easily crush what is left of her heart and dignity. 

After dealing with past issues with both parents he realizes he cares for Maddie...can they be together without Maddie's trust in men holding him back?