Monday, April 19, 2010

three to get deadly by janet evanovich

Stephanie Plum is back and getting better with every novel. She teams up with Lula, hooker turned file clerk and wanna be bounty hunter who has a tendency for the outrageous and seems to want to bust a cap in anyone's ass who happens to be on the wrong side of the law in her book. Stephanie is given the unsavory job of bring in Moses "uncle mo' bedemeir. He is everyone's favorite person and runs the local candy and ice cream shop. He was picked up by a young cop trying to make a name for himself, would have just been a ticket but uncle mo was also carrying concealed  although most people take it as a suggestion rather than the law in the burg.

hoping this will just be a simple a apprehension and not another one of her wacky chases, she goes to the shop but no one has seen Mo and looks at her as if she cursed God instead of trying to do her job.  With no leads on Mo at the moment she goes after Stuart Baggett a 22 year old who decided to go on a drunken run and shoot a bunch of cars with an air rifle. unfortunately , two of those cars turned to be cop cars. They find him at his job and he closes down to be taken to have the appearance rescheduled. They get into an accident on the way there and stuart gets away in all the confusion, she unfortunately forgot to cuff him.

Stuart becomes MIA until Lula spots him at cluck in a bucket in a giant chicken suit passing out cardboard chicken hats to the kiddies. Cops are called due to an argument between her and Stuart , he tried to run so she tackles him and is pulled off by two fellow officers. Bringing him in chicken suit and all , the cops joke she should be glad they are more lenient because the animals right group might not have been...ha ha ha

moreill seems to be pulling back from their usually game and it seems odd to her...

With finally a lead from Lula, she knows him as old penis nose, it supposed looks like one though she don't see the resemblance. He was spotted on Montgomery. Before long Stephanie is finding bodies like a moth drawn to flame. Homicide has been slow in Trenton, not anymore thanks to her. They also found 4 bodies buried in Mo's basement of the candy shop.

in addition their is a group of vigilantes killing drug dealers and users , everyone thinks this is great and finally someone is doing something about the problems in the community. Mo and the group are considered heroes not murders in the eyes of the community, Mo didn't kill them the pastor of the freedom church did but they were found in Mo's basement so he is an accomplice to murder.

Gossip mill is running rumors about everything but they finally find a lead from one of the kids she went to high school with. Turns out mo' makes quality underground porn on the side in a cabin way in the woods. he sells to a select few and is saving for retirement. He wouldn't want to tarnish his image. he is hiding in the cabin he made the movies....Life is certainly getting interesting here in the burg.