Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wanted: outback wife by ally blake

Another Great book in the Brides of Bella Lucia series.
Jodie Simpson thought the highlight of her trip would be the ability to spend time with her long-lost sister Louise Valentine but with her visa coming close to expiring she realizes she wants to stay in the land down under and not have to return to the UK. Having tried contacting the office of immigration and being denied an extension on her visa her friends come up with the plan to create a website to invite man to marry her. She is a bit skeptical on the topic but this is not suppose to be a love match just a marriage of convenience so she can remain in Australia.
She is not interested in love after taking care of her schizophrenic for years and dealing with the highs and lows of the disease she finally wants time to be herself and not be required to care for anyone but her.

Heath Jameson is a wealthy rancher who lives in the outback. The second son in the Jameson family who has taken care of his family for years. He came home to ensure the livelihood of the rest of the family when his parents died and many of the siblings were in their teens and younger. without him who knows what may have happened to the family rancher or the lives of his family. Would they be where they are today without his backing? who really knows but now Heath has decided to take a risk with his life for you don't live forever and time is precious as he recently learned when a good friend of his and sister-in law Marissa died when she was hit by a truck that ran a red light on her way to pick her kids up from daycare. What better way to go full force but to get married right? He wasn't expecting love from this union but the hope of companionship and if that turned into love well that was fine with him.

At the first meeting Jodie knew Heath was the one she was going to choose and time was running out. So why not be married to the attractive rancher from the outback? he is the best candidate thus far and  his kissed were like a jolt of lightning . Why not be with someone who is pleasant to look at and is a good person through and through.

Heath was struck from the moment he met Jodie with her piercing green eyes he knew that she was the one he was going to marry. If he could help her out in the process why not? Maybe this companionship could turn into a love match because he knew just the attraction he felt for her made his blood boil like never before.

Was is possible for love to forge after them spending time together on the ranch and in the cramped apartment in Melbourne? Could Jodie give Heath her  entire self without having to sacrifice who she wanted to be?