Friday, April 2, 2010

Thunderbolt Over Texas by Barbara Dunlop

This book i would give a  3 1/2 out of 5 stars. although it was a good book i do not think i liked it enough to want to read a second time. good story about the sacrifices in family and the secrets you keep in order to protect them.

Sydney was a museum curator on the verge of losing her job thanks to the antiquities snake bradley. ever auction she went to acquire a piece he would stay hidden and then beat her out at the last minute. As curator it was her job to find pieces for the museum to draw in the clientele and without new pieces the old ones tend to fade away with the lack of interest in them. she finally found the piece to save her job , the thunderbolt of the north, only it was one contingency. the only way for her to obtain the antiquity would be for her to marry the eldest son of the Erickson clan. with no family and her job on line she found it wouldn't be that big of a problem for a no fuss marriage of convenience.
Cole was the eldest Erickson heir and the one who could give Sydney what she wanted. why would he be willing to marry someone he didn't know or love? She maybe smoking with a killer watt smile but who knew what secrets she was hiding in that tiny package of hers. Cole agrees to the marriage of convenience in order to help his brother produce and heir. Kyle believes that if the stress of producing a baby was off his wife she would become pregnant. So Cole sacrifices himself for the sake of the family. When they finally go to see the broach so pictures can be taken to prepare for visit he learns that the broach is a fake....who would have taken it and why? a secret that had been closely guarded for years by his grandmother bound in embarrassment...can they find the real one or is it forever lost? can they have a marriage of more than just convenience?