Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The duke's baby by rebecca winters

Andrea Fallon was recently widowed. he husband had only died three months prior and their marriage had been anything but perfect since he found out that she was unable to conceive. He was an only child and wanted a child born from his blood and did not want to even consider adoption. Had they know this before they probably would never have married in the first place. He died of a brain aneurysm at the age of 37 to her 28. she hadn't been feeling well but went to France in hopes of getting some pictures for the book he was unable to publish. She put off the feelings off sickness and weight loss to the depressing and mourning of her husband. Not Long after her Arrival she meets the son of the current duc du lac of the chateau where she is staying. Lancelot is everything his ancestor is said to be .

Lance has finally left the service after ten years of serving his country and is now home for good. his father is ill but is fast recovering . He has an instant attraction to Andrea but believes she is a prospective new wife for his father and with his current distrust for women he treats her badly. He then goes on to prove he isn't the blackguard she perceives him to be. When he learns of her pregnancy he is ecstatic and offers a marriage of convenience. He can not have a child of his own due to chemicals he was exposed to while in the service and this is the closest he could get to having a baby of his own. When he heard the first heart beat he felt as if he was the father or her baby and wanted to make that a permanent fact. The baby did not have a father so he wanted to step in and be a father for him or her in every way and Andrea could be the stay at home she longed to be since she lost her parents at the tender age of four. They would never want for anything as long as he was around.

they soon fell in love and were married but his stepsister Corrine tried to cause problems for them. She had designs on Lance since her mother married his father but Lance never returned the affections and told her so. She told him he could either call off the marriage and marry her or she would make him wish he had.

She took his horse without permission and did a jump that she knew would cause harm to her self and result in the animal being put to sleep. She filed false allegations against lance of rape. So he tried to  get his wife to a safe place . when he put her on the plane no long after the got off before take off. she wasn't goign to leave him here to face things alone.

Corrine finally had a psychotic breakdown and confessed the lies and all charges were dropped.

even marriages beginning with a purpose other than love can blossom into something much more