Friday, April 9, 2010

Having The Frenchman's Baby by Rebecca Winters

This book is the second in the Brides of Bella Lucia series put out by harlequin and silhouette. i have thus far thoroughly enjoyed both of the books and can not wait to read the others.

Rachel Valentine is the wine buyer for the exclusive Bella Lucia restaurant is the UK. Her grandfather sends her to France to find an old friend of his and when she is unable to find and ask who makes the best wine in the area.When she is unable to locate him she asks the concierge at the hotel where she is staying and directs her to the vineyards owned by the Chartier Family. Upon meeting Lucien Chartier master wine maker she knows she is hit by love at first sight as we American and English have come to know the french term.She never believed in it but her grandfather told her should would know when she found it. She certainly had in Luc but their relationship is suppose to business only.

Luc got hit by the bullet as well. The first time he saw Rachel he was so awestruck by her beauty and the emotion that hit him that he almost ran into her car passing on the street where she yelled out her window and proceeded to call him an "idiot". Luc's emotions were so strong he knew he had to see her and do anything to have her so instead of returning her call as usual her went to the hotel to see her to arrange time at the vineyard . She mad him feel alive again and able to get past the guilt to release his ex-wife from the coma she had been in for three years. The only thing that had him holding on was an overpowering sense of guilt that the accident resulting in her coma had been his fault. He visited Paulette everyday in the hope that with the love and attention she would return to them.

Rachel and Luc fell hard and fast and had a whirlwind love during a threatening storm that hit Alsace. She felt as if she never had before and wanted to forever be with Luc. He had yet to have a chance to tell her about Paulette so when he was out getting groceries in which he planned to tell her everything upon his return and ask her to marry him, his mother stopped by and told Rachel her version of the situation causing Rachel to flee from France and return to the UK.

Luc was devastated to find her gone but after to seeing the familiar basket on the table went immediately to his mother's to see what she had told Rachel to make her go. Only the truth in her eyes, she wanted to spare Rachel the heartache of Paulette...

Could Luc get rachel back now?

Shortly after returning to the UK her grandfather died and soon after learned that she was carrying Luc's baby and she would have to tell him soon.

Could this child mend the holes created by his mother? he could not risk losing another baby as he did with Paulette. please let this be the solution to their problems for he loves her to the bottom of his very soul.