Friday, April 9, 2010

The Rebel Prince by Raye Morgan

This book is the third in the Brides of Bella Lucia. With each story in the series just improves. I especially liked this one with the strong female lead character.
Emma Valentine is the chef of the exclusive Bella Lucia Restaurant in the UK but has been offered the opportunity of a lifetime by the meridian coronation manager, who frequents the restaurant and would like nothing better than to have her create the coronation meal at when the second son becomes king. Emma jumped at the opportunity and had been preparing night and day for this for weeks so she doesn't embarrass herself or her family at such a big event . Least of all does she expect to get knocked out by a stray water polo ball not long after her arrival. Being so tired from her lack of sleep she appears to be unconcious so "Monty" sends for the palace doctor. Low and behold he turns out to be the prince . He made her feel alive on first impact from his touch to his gaze, it all drew her in to what at the time she didn't know was out of bounds for her , the chef.

Sebastian did not intend to miss lead Emma Valentine but was unaware that she did not know who he was. The one time he assumed he was known he was not, the royals were pretty well known in these parts and most young women tended to follow the society pages. Now with his brother abdicating the throne he is forced with the decision on whether or not to go through with the coronation or forfeit the crown to his cousin Romas, who is an idiot in his own right. Time and time again he repeatedly ran into Emma, he could feel the attraction but chose to ignore it until he finds her stranded on the side of the road and helps her but to her refusal. They spend a wonderful day together even idyllic in its own right but they could never be with him being a prince and all.

Emma knows she can not be with Sebastian but can not help but wonder what would become of them if it was allowed. After all their interactions and private moments will he really choose someone else? Only the girl he dances the last dance with at the ball will know. So what else can become of her? Can she watch him choose another woman to become his queen while she is breaking inside for what cannot be?

Conspiring against her Agatha, Sebastian's sister and her cousin, Louise give her a makeover on the pretense of a girls night since they are the only ones not invited to the ball. They dress her up and force her to take pictures in the room that was set up but when she turns around, who does she see? Behind Agatha is none other but Sebastian who asks her to take the last dance with him.

Sebastian chooses her as he can seem himself with no other woman and tells the ministes that if they wish him to become king and accept the crown Emma must agree to stay and marry him or he goes.

What will Emma choose? Can she stay and be queen with Sebastian ? Or will she turn her back on the only man she ever loved?....