Thursday, April 15, 2010

One for the dough by janet evanovich

This is the first installment in the Stephanie plum series. Prior to this i had only read her pre-plum novels. After to reading this book I am a fan for life. This book is laugh out loud funny and crazy to the point of pitiful at times. Stephanie is down on her luck after losing her job as a buyer for woman's underwear at and exclusive company that was swallowed up by a larger one. She is going for broke and had sold most of her valuables to pay the bills . So she goes to her mother's house to get a free meal and is told that her cousin Vinnie is looking for a file clerk.
Turns out the position is already filled but he lets her be a temporary bounty hunter due to the blackmail she ha don him and threatened to reveal the information to his wife. The FTA of the moment is no other but infamous Trenton cop Joe Morelli. They had previous relations with one another when they were younger and they weren't always on good terms but she was in need of money. She gets 10 percent of the 10000 bound he failed to appear on.  She Joe around but he is in finding because he is being accused of killing and unarmed man. Add in Benito the champ who is seriously gone looney and known for being rough with the women , crazy grandma Mazur, a missing eye witness, Ranger the go to guy who makes the law bend at his will and informant and you get one hell of a wild ride.Joe needs to find the missing eye witness to acquit himself. So him and stephanie team up to find the eye witness and he agrees to let her turn him in willingly so she can collect her bond money.

Can she do it? and what happens on this journey?