Thursday, April 22, 2010

high five by janet evanovich

Another adventure for Stephanie Plum . The bounty hunter business has been on the slow lately with no one jumping bale. Stephanie has bills to pay so she takes the one case there is which will only give her the mediocre amount of  seventy dollars for bringing him in since the bond was only set for  seven- hundred dollars to begin with. The bond ends up being for a little person who was carrying a knife, which either way is against the law in Trenton.
Hr makes matters worse for her by refusing to go with her and in her frustration she busts down his door with a tire iron. While he was in jail his apartment was robed and torn apart so her boss and low life cousin Vinnie stuck Randy Briggs with her saying she can kill two birds with one stone by watching the guy and two by staying out of a lawsuit he said he would press due to they got into a wrestling match and fell down the stairs in the apartment building.
Low on jobs her family recruits her to help find her uncle. Fred who no one in particular seemed to like but he was still family all in the same and with no jobs on the table it wasn't like she had anything else better to do with her time. Uncle Fred just disappeared from his car one after noon . They found it in the store parking lot locked up with drying cleaning laying in the backseat. No one had any clue as to his whereabouts. She finally gets a few clues and the story begins to unfold with mob connections and the bank skimming the people who skimming the customers. not a good idea for someone to skim the mob who was skimming the customers.

all the while Stephanie was not getting paid so she went to work for the ultra cool ranger, He gave her a few jobs that were as morally and legally responsible as possible, a security job and a job as a chauffeur in which the sheik she had to drive decided to flash his johnson at her. along with that he was obnoxious to the hilt and took off in the car when she went into the store to get the drink he requested.

Now that she was working for ranger, she was getting company cars that were black and expensive.
This did not please Morelli one bit. Him being cop he wasn't sure how he was getting the cars and if they were legal. Morelli the man starting wondering whether the nature of their relationship was merely business or was pleasure involved as well. Him being a friend and lover of Stephanie plum he was somewhat jealous.

Her cars were being stolen and blown up left and right so she was left once again with big blue...

Who was behind the string of murders that had recently occured? is it possible that she was next?