Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Coming Home to the Cowboy by Patricia Thayer

Coming home to the cowboy is book one in the brides of Bella Lucia series. If the rest of the books are like this one the series will be thoroughly enjoyable.

Rebecca Valentine is a well know in the advertising industry and has spent the last ten years getting to where she is today. She has been goal oriented since college but wants to have a family but her dreams are cut short when her doctor tells her she may not be able to carry a child due to her Endometriosis. She being the best person for the job, goes to the tucker family ranch to help promote the tucker's new free range beef which will become available once the rotation is complete. She used to ride horses at her grandparents as a girl before the divorce so she is no stranger to a horse.

Widower and father to two young children Greta, 11 and Colby, 5. He thought his life ended when his wife died two years ago in a snowstorm along with his unborn child. His children were the reason he got up every morning. He used to be a coporate executive but has since sold off his stock in the family business to stay home with his children as much as possible and run the ranch. This project is Greta's baby.

These two were attracted from the start but he denied his feelings because of his late wife and Rebecca because she did not want to combine business with pleasure or burned anyone with her health problem.

After setting up an advertising campaign and spending time with Mitch and his family she falls in love with the rancher and his children . they stole her heart and made her want this she thinks she could never have. why would he want her when she could have someone who could give him more children?

Little does she know Mitch returns her love and wants her whether they can have more kids or not. For he has two at home who want her to be their mother.

what can be the best present of all but a ready made family ? She agrees to marry him but has a present of her own. a baby that she thought she could never have. thank goodness for little miracles.