Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Nanny and the Sheikh by Barbara McMahon

Wasn't as good as some of the others in the series but was still a good quick read. only one more book to go before i have read the entire series.
Melissa Fox goes to Qu'Arim with Max Valentine on a business trip more for pleasure and a thank you for  helping out then to actual work although her services would be required at the few meetings that she needed to attend because Max did not speak the local language or their second language french, which Melissa was fluent in. She fell in love with the warm weather and beautiful land but she had an upcoming job in a few weeks and could not stay on as long as she liked.

Sheikh Surim Al-Thani was mesmerized by Melissa fox from the moment her met her. She was there as a guest to the country though and not there to be a temporary distraction for him. He was conducting business with a cousin of her's who he went to school with at Eton and has remained friends with. With the opening the construction of the resort and the new Bella Lucia international location his time is limited but he found himself wanting to spend more and more time with her. He was also responsible for three young children who had recently come into his care when he was named guardian after his cousin and her husband died in a fatal car crash.

she was great with the children and he did not have a clue on how to behave with them. what do you say to a two year old? he was an only child and had never been exposed to the younger generation growing up. He was sent to boarding school at age nine and was never close with his family as a result.

The more she was in the country and around Surim, the more she wanted to stay but she had a job commitment waiting for her and did not want to put herself in a place where she would get her heart broken again. She had already been let down by one man who cheated on her and discovered who he really is and did not value the same things in life that she did. Surim was looking for a wife  and she just did not fit the bill.

Would it be possible for him to convince her to stay and care for the children? they have blossomed in her care and they genuinely cared for each other. You can tell by the interactions that the love is on both sides. The attraction between them was magnetic . what is the harm in a few kisses?

Could she stay her and have to one day soon watch the man she had grown to love marry another woman and she bear his children for which she would eventually be in charge of?

He needed a wife and they were compatible so why not marry in his thinking. would she say yes and bear his children? He did not want her to leave and could not imagine his life no longer without her after spending time with her these past weeks and coming to care for her and the children.

was a lifetime together feasible for them?.....