Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mommy and the Millionaire by Crystal Green(suds club, bk 1)

I have always enjoyed reading the silhouette special edition line and the books that having a continuing story always hold a place in my heart. this is my first book by crystal green and will not be my last. I felt the plot could have been stronger and the characters a little more engaging but overall i give the book a four out of 5.

Naomi Shannon was not looking for love in the town of Placid Valley but a place to raise her unborn child. The father had asked for her to get an abortion but she wanted to keep her baby so she hightailed it out of her hometown where there would be comments about her being trash and an unwed mother to boot. She went to live with a friend who offered to let her stay rent free in her apartment while she was away, her friend was a flight attendant and was rarely home.
She didn't have any friends in this new town but met some girls at the local laundromat where they all sat together at the television to watch flamingo beach together everyday.  Naomi had been watch the soap opera since she was 12. Then one afternoon in comes David "dave" chandler  wealthy tycoon dressed in street clothes who had the unfortunate luck of getting caught between two boys and a tomato. All Dave wanted to do was get rid of the stain and high tail it out of there.....but one look at this beauty and he was sunk. was she all he had been looking for his his whole life? Dave had taken a vacation in order to try to find what was missing from his life and came upon this quaint town. He was sick of the cutthroat businessman he had become and the meaningless sex.He didn't want to manipulate people anymore and after his last stunt where his brother married an ethnic girl to better the company image he needed to gain an acquisition. He wanted a real life with a family and people who loved him. He wanted kids. Was is possible for him to melt the ice that ran through his veins that went back to his childhood? He had learned at an early age to separate himself from emotion. Could this girl and her baby be what he was looking for? would she want to be with the real him and not the low key dave she had come to know? the dave who listened to her and made her feel safe? Naomi made him feel things he had never wanted to before. She made him believe it was all possible, that he could have the family he truly wanted if he only took what was given to him.