Sunday, March 21, 2010

The marriage soultion by brenda harlen

               another winner by silhouette's special edition line.

Tess Lucas is the type of person who has all the details planned out in her life down to what color her elastic band in her hair is. She is yet again let down in her life when she finds her fiance in bed with his ex-wife, in THEIR bed. so what is a girl to do? she sleeps with her best friend of 15 years whom she has had lusty thoughts about now for several years now. 
Unfortunately she finds her self pregnant with his child after their one night stand.
 Craig Richmond was not planning to ever become a father but when the opportunity knocked he answered the door. He had learned at a young age that he shouldn't love anyone because it only left you disappointed in the end. Craig being the responsible man that he is offers to marry Tess for the sake of the baby or at least that is how it starts out in the beginning.
Tess turned downed his many attempts at marriage until she finally caved when she realized over the weeks with his efforts to court her that she had fallen in love with her best friend. So what is a girl to do but marry the man she has harbored feelings for the last 10 years?
Lucas slowly comes to realize that his affection for Tess is much more than he ever planned for...Love in it's truest and simplest form. Can he still convince her that he can give her all she has ever wanted?

This is a heart warming story about finding love denied and the ability to overcome in when you realize the one person who means the most can be lost to you in the blink of en eye.