Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tempt Me If You Can by Janet Chapman

So far to date I have read everything Janet Chapman has written except for a few short stories that can be found in anthologies. I first fell in love with her writing when i came across her book Loving the Highlander, Morgan Mackeage's story. One of her many books of the highland series. Her style of writing is far more compelling that others i have read. They sometimes lack the creativity that a reader requires to be engaged in the story and wanting more. Although the Sinclair series is entirely different then her highlanders' it still holds a place dear in my heart. 
Tempt Me If You Can is book 2 in the Sinclair brothers series. The first book The Man Must Marry follows the eldest brother Sam on his quest to marry Willa and the requirements their lovable but bullheaded grandfather bestowed upon him.
Book two, tells the story of Benjamin Sinclair the CEO of the company and middle Sinclair brother. Ben finds out through a letter in the mail that he fathered a child some 15 years ago and he now resides in Medicine Grove ,Maine with his Aunt Emma the only mother he has ever known. Emma has been taking care of his son since he was young when his mother suddenly takes off promising to return not long after the death of their father. Ben decides he must meet this young man who is his son and he cant waste another day not knowing him, so he takes the next plane to Maine, but because of the state of the town when he left he registers under an alias which doesn't fool his son or Emma one bit . They go allowing him to play his little act out until Emma confesses she has known from the beginning. Father soon bond in the effort to court his aunt....Emma has been in love with Ben Sinclair for 16 years but had long ago given up her teenage dreams of ever having a happy ever after with him, she had built a hope chest of treasures in anticipation of their relationship that never occurred. When Kelly left that dreamed and so did something in her. Seeing Ben again brought all those feelings back to the surface. Can she really trust this man who claims to want to be with her? Will he hurt Michael and take him away from the only home he has ever known?....