Monday, March 29, 2010

currently reading

lLast week i was on vacation and did not have as much time as i would have liked to continue with my daily reading. things to be done and places to be. although travel was limited due to we didint have a car with it being in the shop for a transmission repair but i did find some time to finish up a book and start a new one.

during the holiday season i have a tendency to read a lot of holiday themed books and this one was just one of the many . unfortunately i read the first story in the book Can This Be Christmas? and then misplaced it after. the other day i cam across the book and finished up with Shirley, Goodness and Mercy.
This book was great and sends a message that forgiveness is possible even in the most heart wrenching circumstances.
Greg Bennett had made a lot of mistakes in his life, He is in the middle of divorce proceedings with his third wife and lawyers are in no hurry to come to a settlement. His once flourishing vineyard is destroyed by a virus and has to rebuild from scratch. In order to do that he has to be able to have the capital to fund it.He goes to several banks and they all turn him down. He can't understand why. He has good credit and was financially stable until the virus drained all his resources. 
He finally sits down and prays for help from the good lord himself. Finally says the archangel Gabriel only took 30 years but better late then never.(not an actual quote but more of an impression). With some reluctance he assigns Shirley, Goodness and Mercy to the task of helping Greg Bennett long the way. In order to receive what he needs he must repair some of the damage he has done in the past. He runs into his college sweetheart where he learns that she kept the baby he fathered. He wants to get to know him but his son is set against seeing him.Greg goes to the hospital to meet him anyways under a false name and ends up giving blood for a screen for bone barrow donors in which he faints because he is terrified of needles. Needless to say he ends up being a match . Also the grandfather of the boys he saves is none other than his second cousin Matthias, whom he turned down a money loan some ten years back that could have save his aunts life. She died of the same cancer the boy was now suffering. 
His brother whom he has been estranged with for 10 years is the only one how could approve the loan for the credit and the reason he has been denied by the other banks. his brother sent out a memo to all the banks in the area to turn down his loan if he applied because he would be the one to approve it face to face.
Paul Bennett has a grudge against his brother because he did not come to see their mother when she requested to see him but instead went to his divorce hearing. His mother died before Greg could get there and has held it against him ever since. their mother was singing Greg's praises even on her death bed. you see Paul has resented Greg their whole life because he believed his parents and his mother in particular love him more than Paul.
Can Greg really start over at sixty? can he repair the damage of his past? Can Shirley, goodness and mercy help him when other think he has what is coming to him...?